Monday, December 28, 2009

Hair Care is important

I am sure you know it is important to love yourself so you need to care not just your skin but also your hair. I recently purchase the hair care treament and shampoo, I only know that I cannot use them often from the saloon lady last weekend. Sad to say that I am almost finish to use them. That is why you need to ask them whether you need to use it daily or once a week.

I washed my hair everyday and I am using shampoo everyday. So you see I am running out of shampoo fast!

I have dandruff and I find that Sunsilk and Pantene help to clear them. Also the Clear brand too, how about you? Which brand is good to use?

Sunday, December 20, 2009

No brakes on the car

I am sure you remember the idea of using bricks for your car. It is common to use that as my dad was using that too for his old car.

Do you see this van with bricks on its tyres, it has no break so it need to have the bricks for control the car. This way if someone gets into the car they will need to remove all the bricks in order to drive away this car.

Have you seen this van somewhere near your place?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Fun with eyeko cosmetics

I am sure every gal has got a lip gloss, I have got mine too. Now there is a great offer you should not miss out.

The pink cosmetics where every gal wants are there!

I shop several things from there using the ambassador code E3624 during check out. It is fun to shop for friends and people that you care and love.

We're all about the giving...treat yourself to London's cutest cosmetics all at 20% off plus get a free Christmas gift from Eyeko worth £5 on all orders £10 and over.

We've got gift ideas galore. How about Eyeko Magic Liquid Eyeliner for mum as recommended by Good Housekeeping and who wouldn't love to receive Eyeko Magic Mascara?
Think ahead and pick up some
Eyeko Nail Polish shades for the party season.

Check out our
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Christmas has come early with Eyeko!

Offer ends midnight Sunday 13th December 2009. Enter code "DISCOUNT20"
Offer not valid with any other promotional codes unless otherwise stated.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

Custom handmade jewelry in Malaysia

I am sure every gal dream so of having a jewellery for their own. Now there is custom made jewellery available at the blog. Have a look and you will find all interesting and beautiful.

The price is reasonable as you can find many custom jewellery maker the charges can be triple or more. No kidding you can browse to find out at Internet.

Anyway I have been busy whole day and now only able to update this blog.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Playground for kids

I love playground I think that is the best place to exercise. It is free and you do not need to pay for it. There are many fitness centres here and they are costly. You need to pay for monthly fees and it can be more than MYR$300. Not to mention you need to buy the outfit for exercise.

Anyway the playground is under renovation as you can see in the picture. The ground is dug so they can put on the stones at the garden.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Top swap happening!

I am happy to say that there will be top swap happening but not the cloth that you see in the link. It is stripes one which is beautiful with a top inside, the top is not available as I am not sure where I put it. Anyway it is a pretty top to wear with white long tee or black tee!

Anyway I am busy with the swap as I am going to swap two items for two items. This is fun, I am sure you are excited to see what I have swap.

Might only get it next week as I am going post office esok if everything goes according to plan.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My favourite

I love this so much, I had it during BBQ. I don't know that it can be so delicious to barbeque it.

Cockles are delicious, it is even better if you have the sauce to dip it and eat.

I remember that day was election day at Negeri Sembilan and the road is so busy!

Eyeko ambassador code

Do you like shopping at I often shop there and I am using the ambassador code E3624 during check out. Just fill in the ambassador code when you check out, that's it!

Your purchase need to be above ten sterling pound in order to get the free gift. This is cute postcard and the badge you see!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Face sagging what to do?

I need advice on the face sagging what can you do about it? My friend is in her 40's, lately I can see her face sagging no kidding. Even though she is only in her early 40's I think she needs to start caring for her skin. She did but not entirely, I know she must think that it is noting for now.

Personally I think time flies and it is up to you whether you want to care for your skin or not now. You cannot reverse the time, at least if she used the skin care product it can delay the aging.

Any advice?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veggie plantation

This is the vegetables you see at my garden but not any more, I think something wrong with the soil as I don't see much vegetables any more. I cannot plant a lot as there are ants eating the leaves.

Sorry for the blurry picture as I am terrible in snap picture. There is a class on photography but I am not able to attend it. It is not free as you need to pay for the fees to learn.

Frankly speaking, I don't think anything is free in this world.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Fashion tattoo

This is my first temporary tattoo, do you like it? It is no longer at my arm as it is not permanent type of tattoo. I know many Celebrities has got a tattoo, I know you know that too. Tell me if you like my flower tattoo that you see on the picture.

I have seen other done butterfly, even dragon for kids.

By the way there is Eyeko discount going on and last until 16 Nov, 2009. You can still shop and use the ambassador code E3624 during check out. Even with the discount code you can still fill the ambassador code with the above. This code will get you freebie with purchase.

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Christmas has come early with Eyeko!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lots for cosmetics for me

Yeah I have haul for cosmetics so this are pretty to me so I like to make use of free time to make up.

I cannot believe it is going to be Christmas soon, so anyone of you buying more cosmetics? I think I have enough for now!

A few brands that I know above are Elizabeth Arden which I purchase at warehouse sales.

Artistry which lip palette that you see above picture.

Anna Sui also with the rose you can see in picture.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Clothes swap, anyone?

Yeah this might not be new to you, as it is started to be a heat here. That you can swap clothes to wear, of course they are new and used clothes.

The top you are looking at is new as I purchase it online but later I got it and it cannot fit me. I mean this can fit for M size since it is a free size top.

If you know anyone interested for a swap do let me know, I prefer to have the swap in Malaysia.

You can see the black lace on the neckline and bottom of top.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pizza hut delivery

I love pizza and just order on the phone because online cannot do it at all. Since I am using the code which I found on the Astro Magazine. You can see it on your October issue, I saw it is going to expire on 15 Nov, 2009. Just a few days away so better make your order now!

You will see online order that MYR$33 for the three regular viva pizza do not have the free two garlic bread. I love the garlic bread, so I am sure just another half hour I can get the pizza.

The amount which I need to pay is MYR$36.65 even though stated it is MYR$33 at the voucher. So need to present the voucher and correct amount to them. The last time the pizza delivery man came, he wants my aquarium but he never come to pick it up.

So I have order are chicken, seafood, and veggie pizza!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lipgloss a must for me

I love lipgloss and above is Eyeko lipgloss that strawberry flavour, you can check at Don't forget to use the ambassador code : E3624 during check out

Another one is not eyeko brand, I don't really it. Do you know that even kid will use lipgloss?

Anyway feel free to share the lipgloss brand that you like. :)

Be Slim with AyurSlim

I try slim down using diet but they are not working for me. So I have purchase three bottles of Be Slim with AyurSlim it is RM188 during this promo.

So I am sure everyone wants to know how AyurSlim work, it burns up fat cells, stops fat formation, removes toxins from the boxy, prevents craving for food, reduces excess cholestrol, no reported side effects so far.

Anyway I was told that I will not experience any purging. Let's see about that, now the contain of AyurSlim are Garcinia, Gymnema, Guggul, Terminalia Chebula, and Trigonella Foenum Graecum.

Anyway I need to eat them for three months to see the result. My aim is to lose more than 10 kg!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Gift can change a person?

Do you know that buying gift for a friend can change the person attitude? I know because I was very moody and unhappy and I my friend told me she is getting a gift for me. I am so thrilled and excited and my mood changes.

Yeah she bought me expensive gift which is skin care products for me. There is pigments on faces so the skin care product is mean to reduce them. I was told that I need to eat more vitamin E.

Yesterday I was at a fair and the there is promotion there which I need to eat for three months. It is not cheap the cost is MYR$180, I not buy any at all even though it is promotion during the fair.

I am not sure what is the brand name, there is pear on the brochure. I think most of you can guess what brand it is.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flu medicine caused sleepy

I am sure you know that they are many types of medicine available today. I am not feeling well so I taken flu medicine and it caused me feeling sleepy. I told the drugstore that I want the flu medicine that caused no sleepy but I see it is not working for me.

They given me the medicine which is for flu and not fall asleep but I am getting so sleepy. I know that I am over weight and have high blood pressure. I take the medicine every day, sometimes I get extreme headache before my period comes.

I dislike going to see doctor and I only like to see the general practitioner at home town.

Plant vegetables at home

Even though home is not big enough but there is space to plant vegetable. So far there is a small place to plant vegetables.

Trying my best to plant lady fingers, brinjal, chilli, vegetables and more. I am not using any chemicals for them. Last time there were many snails coming to destroy the plants. So I asked the sales man at the shop and he suggested to use the seeds he show me. Just place around the plant and the snails will not dare to come.

Oh the snails are so clever they climb the wall to reach the plants. I don't have plants inside the house.

Do you know that you will need patience to see the plant grow?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bottom of sandals

I love this sandals and I wore for couple of months. I used to buy many sandals because it is always broken, it cost me MYR$30 every time I bought a new pair. Do you know that this pair which I am wearing it cost less than MYR$60.

Even though the bottom is wrecked but the front is pretty. This is gold colour or you can say it is yellow. I purchase another pair of high heels which is yellow colour to match the top and skirt which I bought.

I have planed to buy shoes and I saw many fake crocs available in the market. I do not know if I want to buy them as recently I see in the news that it is bad for health if you purchase the fake crocs. Especially for pregnant mom and kids.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Stupid is a mean word

I find that stupid is a mean word, how about you? Do you think it is nice calling another person stupid? I have a friend that not understand a word I say and she loves to say stupid and saying other stupid too.

Sad to see that she is not taking words seriously. She thinks it is fine to say someone like that. There was a time she gets it too, and she only realised that it is not good to say such word. But she forgets and started using the word again.

I find that education important and she says that she is not well educated. She can improve by taking classes and learn from others. But she has no interest and no intention to learn at all. She has an excuse that she is old so she no needs to learn more.

I believe I am going to learn until the last day of my life.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tell Rosken Story and Win

I am sure you like to find out more about Rosken Story and Win, just click on the link above.

I have not try this product before and not purchase any yet so I cannot take part. You will need to entre the barcode of the item you purchase to win.

Only for 200 lucky winners so hurry up click on the link above. The lucky winners get $M30 gift voucher to shop at Parkson!

It is good time to shop for your loved one as Christmas just few weeks away.

You do not need to wait until the special moment, if you think of your loved one just buy them a gift.

For me the best gift is spend time with family because you cannot buy time and love.

Clear shampoo not suitable for me

I bought the Clear shampoo when it is first launched and I find that my scalp is super itchy. Now I purchase again to avoid having the dandruff it is not working for me! :(

The one I purchase is Itch Control but I can still feel the itch, not just that I cannot stand my head feeling the itch all day long. I am still looking for the suitable shampoo for me.

I purchase some new shampoo which I tried sometimes ago but they are costly I have not open them to use. Now in the toilet they are many shampoo belong to me which is not reducing the dandruff and itch.

Care to share the brand that work well on your hair?

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

I purchase this Halloween items and I know that not everyone having the celebration. I want to have a witch makeup of myself but I am still thinking how to do it. I need to purchase some eyeshadow for it.

I prefer to look for green eyeshadows, I also see that witch need to be ugly. I think I will need to put on black teeth too. Anyone got a good suggestion to do the black teeth? I don't know how, I know if you become a vampire you just need the vampire teeth.

Now it is Halloween, it will be tough task for me. I know that One Utama has got choice on Halloween but I am not going there.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Using cosmetics is fun!

I don't know about you but my friend loves to share her cosmetics with me. I am using them often and if I am going out I will put some of them. Just the eyeliner and eyeshadow and lipstick.

I see there is pigmentation on face and cannot be remove. I try several brands but it is still there. I cannot afford to buy expensive brand so I hope if you know a brand that can remove the pigmentation let me know.

Some people started to care their skin at early age, I know it might be late for me but at least I know it is not too late.

Even I put on the makeup foundation, you will still see the pigmentation on my face. I have them at both sides of my face.

Jusco sales am I going?

There is sales at Jusco Sunway Pyramid it is Jusco member sales, the last time I went to Puchong Jusco Member Sales they are many people. Even it is in the morning it is crowded with people.

I manage to buy some bedsheet that time, this time I am going to look for up electrical goods. I am not sure if it is going to be cheaper to buy from there. As I know if purchase there can earn the Jusco points. If I am going to buy at other shop I don't get the points.

My friend told me that she does not like Samsung as her household is using them, it is always something wrong with them. She has got fridge, washine machine with that brand. How about you?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Just about anything ad is down

Yeah I just remove the winner ad which is last day was on 18 Oct, oh look at the date now tomorrow is 28 Oct!

I am tired and there is so much to do here.

The other day I won a contest which is a bottle of dish wash. I don't know the place and not sure if I want to take it. I need to collect at the office which is far away from here.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ben 10 in Malaysia

The moment everyone is waiting has come, Ben 10 in Malaysia and life on stage. Who is going?

My friend keeps saying they will be so many Ben 10 items for sale.

I love to watch Ben 10, I like to see him change to many forms.

How about you?

What is letter P?

I like the p letter as we can use it in many forms.

P for


and many more.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Service car at Selangor

My friend like to know where can service car, do you know where can find car service centre that is reliable.

Personally, I am looking to service my car too. The service centre that I used to go has closed down.

My friend is interested to know the service car centre at Subang Jaya and USJ. There are so many choices but which is cheap and reliable.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics

Every woman loves cosmetics, this set is mine and I bought it from a warehouse sales.

I have started to use some of them but not everything.

This December I am going to a wedding dinner, I have bought the baju kebaya skirt.

I still need to find the suitable shoes to match them, prefer to find gold colour.

XL and XXL panty

Yeah these are mine, I went shopping with my friend. It is my first time to shop at Avon. I like their designs, I find that their size is different with their design. So it is best that you asked SA to let you see.

You can even try out their bra at the shop, I like it there as it is convenient for me. I was interested for the apple supplementary but it is not available for the month of October. I think it was in September which is the past.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Everyone back in town!

No kidding everyone is back in town since yesterday, that is why so many people at the wet market.

This weekend is Chinese Lantern Festival I am sure the street will be busy again. I just love celebration, here's one you do not want to miss out. It is the Happy Birthday giveaway!

Today is Monday and I have got an appointment of this Thursday morning.

How's everyone weekend, what is your plan on this weekend?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Green eyes on nail polish and jewelry

I am so jealous that some people having them and I don't.

Most of my friends know about Eyeko and they are shopping at

Above is pretty nails and kitty jewelry creation of Sherry.

If you are thinking to shop at eyeko for pink cosmetics, why not use the ambassador code:
E3624 for free gift.

Everyone is getting a full set of nail polish collection, it is such a good deal now.

Most of the Eyeko products are limited edition! Check the site to see more.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Contact numbers for Apartmet at PD

My friend SMS me today asking me the phone numbers of the hotels and apartment at Port Dickson. I sms her asking her to call 103 for the directory, they have got plenty of numbers to share.

She does not use Internet so it is tough for her to find the information. She has many friends I am sure they will be able to tell her. PD is a nice place but I seldom go to the beach.

Shopping at PD is value for money, many shoppers from KL headed there to buy groceries. No kidding you got to check the shopping store to see it for yourself. My friend last year went there to buy working clothes and she spend only $300 and got whole bunch of them.

The $300 is MYR$300!

Selamat Hari Raya

It is going to be a time to spend with loved one, here say Selamat Hari Raya to all muslim friends.

Most of my friends are staying here so they are not going any where. I am sure that there will be not many people at the mall. Maybe not, any way if you been to any shopping mall. Just let me know whether the place is crowded or not.

I plan to go MidValley but I am worry of the traffic, we will see.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sponsoring my ad space for contest

I love contest and I am sponsoring my ad space for contest. There is one contest included of goodie but it is only open to Malaysian. I cannot afford to ship outside, work is getting worst here.

I do not know why I feel like money is not enough for spending. Have you ever got that feeling?

The fuel has increased and newspaper written there is not much of changes but I can see that I am burning here.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eyeko: Silver shopper

I love shopping and this is a bag every gal will like to have. The Pink Silver Eyeko Shopper, now selling at USD6 at

Who likes to be silver shopper with fluro pink?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Check up at local clinics

This morning went to the clinics for a check up for high blood pressure. The doctor said it is normal and there is no need to change the brand of medicine.

Having high blood pressure and I still eat everything. I do not cut down on drinks and beverage. I still eat and drink as usual. The doctor not charge me anything fees.

It is good to go local clinics if I were at the private hospital the fees will be charge and nothing is free!

I not take any medicine from him as I still having them. I have two boxes at home.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Need a new hairband

I need a new hairband as the current one which I am using is broken. I mean the string is broken so every time my hair is tied up it will fall down.

I want to have a new hair cut, but second thought I do not want my hair short as the weather is hot.

Sunday and it is 31 Aug, 2009.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rosa Mini Blog Contest

This is a fun time even though I am feeling sleeply I need to help my friend. Rosa Mini Blog Contest is here and you can take part too!


First prices: .us domain registered for one year in from or if you don't need domain name 5$ via paypal.
1500 ec from
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Second prices: .info domain registered for one year in from
$2 from
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Third prices: .info domain registered for one year in from
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4th prices: .info domain registered for one year in from
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Yeah the above prizes are waiting the lucky winners to win!

Contest ends on 25 Aug, 2009.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What cosmetics to use on contest?

I am so happy to see that my friend is sharing her cosmetics with me. I am so happy and I know that I do not have the makeup and cosmetics which I need to take part in contest.

As you can see the cosmetics above the only that belong to me is the pink eyeliner and gold eyeshadow tube.

The cosmetics belong to my friend's sister. She gave to me as she decided to do things she loves in her life. Read on about her to find out and it is big decision for her!

When think of whom can you count on? I think about people who are closed to me where I can trust them. Some people I know not really what I expected.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1 is every where

I am sure you have read the newspaper and seen news on TV. Hospital is checking on every visitor who enters the premises. The other day I follow my friend to the hospital at SJMC. Everyone will be queue to enter the premise and the staff have got a thermometer on hand to check everyone forehead.

If you have the symptom of H1N1, please go to the hospital. Love yourself and think of people surround you. I am sure they do not want to see you ill.

There is Air Asia sales on website but I am not taking any order because I have no idea when is H1N1 ends. I believe that staying home and away from crowd place is the best.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Proton Tiara always problem?!

I just love shopping and I hope I can cut it down. As the fuel is going to increase in September. Lately I shopping for cosmetics product! I like to have make up when I am going out.

The other day my car broke down and I was told that its the car battery running out. I have no idea how it my car can still use. I just hope that it can be use for another three months before chaning the battery. I am not sure how much it cost yet.

Everythimg I get the car to service centre they will be costing more than $1,000. The air conditioning not cold or cool after fixed and it cost me so much! My dad decided to help me out, I am happy he did and I am having cool air from now on.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Watching CSI

I am blogging now and watching CSI at the same time. There is nothing much happening around here. Except my friend told me that the Subang Park is going to have something happen.

I mean to say that there will be development at this Park! There is not going to be good news because I love the park, I was there for just a few times. I love the place, we can see the park and lake!

People love going there for a jog and picnic too. There is a huge lake inside and a smaller one outside. I see most people will prefer both!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Steamboat at home

I am going to have Steamboat at home because going out will be more expensive. Last time I went to the SS2, Petaling Jaya but it is not longer available there. I have no idea where the sthop moved. If you know about it please let me know.

I know the steamboat which I am having is not as perfect as the one in the restaurant. Think of it as it is cheaper to eat at home with less variety.

Monday, July 6, 2009

No winning but it was fun!

I want to say that it was fun taking part in ninja contest. I knew that I won't be winning as I just join this contest for the fun.

When you think about cosmetics and makeup, they are not complicated. You just need to be creative and know how to mix and match with them.

Now I know that they are many bloggers that love such contest, I might want to take part more often. Of course I see some contests are tough so I never take part.

Mega Sales is here!

Yeah yesterday passing by the huge shopping mall, Sunway Pyramid I saw the sign. I mean there is Mega Sales started and ends on 31 Aug, 2009.

I don't know if I have the mood for shopping as I am not earning much. There will be increase of fuel so I need the money for my car.

Everything is so costly for me these days. I don't know how anyone can survive. Keep one thing in mind! Just buy what you need!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

What's your advice on rocking marriage

This is for real and it is about marriage, I don't know about you but I know that marriage takes two people to go through.

Rocking marriage does not happen right away, I am sure it takes a while for it to happen. What is your best advice on rocking marriage?

My friend experienced divorce in and she told me that her hubby is having another woman in his life. That is true as he got drunk a day and told her that they will get a divorce after having baby born.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coutning on my family!

I am counting everything on my family because I am not walking to any place as I prefer to have people driving me to where I prefer. I am not like that all the time, I used to take bus but with the safety today I prefer to stay at home rather than going out.

My parents are always there for me and they will be there when I needed them. I know they will not be there forever. My brothers are the one which I am counting on and they are the one that I care most.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Complicated life

I am interested to take part in a contest but somehow I don't know how to say about my life. I find it complicated and still find it hard to accept. I am not good looking and I know that I need to accept the way I am.

My parents love me very much and they will try their best to give me on things I need. I am not highly educated as during school days teachers bullied me. I skipped school without telling my parents.

I don't know why I have not told my parents about how the teachers treated me. I know I am not alone as my friend also feels the same.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Car plate numbers 3388

Tell me if you think the above numbers are lucky numbers. My friend told me that this number cost a fortune. Do you know that you need to bid for the car plate numbers. I mean the numbers that you want for your car.

I am not kidding someone told me that the number will cost $400 or even more. 8 is FATT in chinese language, that mean you going to earn a fortune. 3 is San in chinese language, that mean three or live.

3388 will be live fortune?

Monday, June 15, 2009

So much makeup!

For the first time I am using so much makeup, I have so much fun and I know it is slim chance to win but I have fun.

Do you know that having make up is like giving yourself a good time? I have a good time and you will be feeling great too. Listen to the laughter and fun everyone gets to see and don't be shy!

It is first time taking part in such fun contest. I am like a kid again!

Be a Ninja!

Edit: I forgot to included what I used, which is above set of makeup! Eyeshadow are the left two rolls and right two rolls.

Steatling dumpling, it is the season of dumpling here in Malaysia. I got to have them and not just one but two! huhhuahahaa....
Look me in the eyes and tell me what you see! I used the color of gold, yellow, blue eyeshadow.
This is the awesome make up I have and I have fun too!

Be a Ninja!

I am having fun with this contest, to be a ninja! If you love cosmetics, you will like to take part in this contest the theme Be a Ninja! It is that easy and simple.

Contest ends on 1st July, 2009. You can take part too just click on the link above.

1) Lips

-sally hansen diamond lip gloss (engaging)
-sally hansen diamond lip gloss (princess)
-loreal hip lip gloss (euphoric)
-loreal hip jelly balm (ripe)
-glamabom lip treatment (japanese cosmetic)
2) Eyes

-smash box e/s palette (celebrate)
-sonia kashuk e/s palette (smoke in your eyes)
-jane e/s quad
-sally girl e/s quad (brb)
-cover girl e/s quad (coffee shop)
-sally girl glitter (purple)
3) Blush

-sonia kashuk blush (beatifying blush pink 14)
-jane bronzer (02 sunrise bronze)
-physicians formula shimmer strips (sunset strips)
4) Nail Polish

-china glaze nail polish (for audrey)
-pa nail polish (a116)
5) Others

-sonia kashuk large crease brush
-revlon runaway collection (stella)
6) Face Mask --Japanese face mask, brand is Bihada

(left to right)
-rumiko (yellow)
-saki (purple)
-sara (pink)
-no name (black)

Contest has started and why wait now, go ahead have fun and take part!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check expiration on talcum powder

I am sure if you are using them you will also check the expiration. I have no idea if there is one but I think there is expiration on everything. Today is my friend lucky day, she got to spend the voucher on talcum powder, not just one but many of them!

If you are using talcum powder, do you see that your room is easily become dusty? This is what my friend been telling me.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Customize your jewelry

I got to know that I need to find customize jewelry and do you know where to find them? I know that using Internet will be the best tool. Which is free and easy to access from where you are. I know that I cannot use internet at outdoor because my lappy does not have the access for it.

Glad to tell you that I have got my lappy from Computer Fair, I know that I bought it because I need it for the work I love to do.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to match top and skirt?

My friend is having problem to mix and match the top and skirt. I do not know how to say this but later I will accompany her to the nearest shopping mall. I hope she is able to find the skirt that she can mix and match with her top.

I think it is not easy to mix and match with the top and skirt. I know some Malaysians having a terrible taste in mix and match their clothing. No kidding as I have seen most in the shopping mall and they have got it all wrong. Well some people might think that who cares!

It is not about who cares but it is about yourself and how you want other people to look at you. I might be wrong, I am just sharing my thought with you. Personally I am not very good in mix and match my clothing too.

Shoes are important too, people will look at you from head to toe!

Unisex Baby Bedding

I am sure if you are a new parent you will be looking for baby bedding. Some parents have no idea whether they are having a baby boy or a baby girl. That is not a problem at all because there is Unisex Baby Bedding available. Shopping using Internet is so convenient and you can go ahead to to see the 75% Sale of 12 piece baby crib bedding sets.

Baby Bedding is important because they are specialising for baby to use. I am sure parents will like to see their baby having a good sleep at night. Unisex Baby Bedding is so cute and whether you are having a baby girl or baby boy, this bedding is perfect.

I see that many Malaysian started shopping online and I will tell my friends about this site. I know everyone will have a style of their own, it can be modern or classic style. Even though it is recession but do not forget there are sales on baby bedding sets where you can save at the same time.

Some friends are particular about the quality and material, I am sure they do not know that their products are 100% handmade and hand made in Nepal.

Can hubby helped blogging?

I like to know what do you think about this? I have seen blogs where hubby will helped wife to blog. I know that most people now having at least one blog. Some bloggers are using their blogs to make money online. So those make money online blogs they are having their hubby to help blogging.

I love blogging myself and I think it is good to see that hubby is able to help wife to blog. But do you think that it is allowed? Well, I know blogging can be personal but they are husband and wife so they are sharing everything, their thoughts and their money.

How do you feel if you come by a blog where husband is the one blogging and not the wife? I do not mean all the posts but some posts are blogged by their hubby. Please share your view with me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Proton Exora

I have plan on buying Proton Exora and I am thinking sell off my car. I was told that the value of my seven years car is $30K. I will need to loan money to buy Proton Exora. So far I have seen black and white Proton Exora on the road.

My planning to pay off the loan in five years! I need to go test drive the car. Someone told me that if you buy the car from the certain centre you need to go back there to service the car. Is that true? I thought all service centres you can take it to go for service.

unHappy Mother's Day

My mom is not happy today and it is sad to see her that way. I cannot do anything because she does not want anyone to help at all. My dad is trying his best to care for her and she is not interested at all.

That leaves him no choice but to put her there. She is far away from us and I am hoping that dad will takes her out again.

Tell me if you have a good Mother's Day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dirty tricks on marketing

Do you think that people will be unhappy if someone has play dirty tricks on marketing? Well, I am not really saying that it is dirty tricks. It is just that everyone has different way of achieving what they want.

Everyone wants to make money and everyone want to do their best to achive it. It is not easy as you just going to say. Most important is the action you are going to take! Action is more important and some people will just go for it!

I think you need to have thick skin to do marketing and sales. Correct me if I am wrong!

First time parents need smart decision

I am sure everyone have dream of becoming new parents some day. Do you know that becoming new parents are not easy task? You will need to buy suitable products for your baby and children. I found a site to share with you with, this is where you get to see fellow parents sharing their view and tips on right product for children.

I am referring to this Parentricity, I love the name of Parentricty it is aim to assist new moms and dads on knowing which product is suitable for their baby. If you are a new parent yourself you will be sure to make plenty of friends there. It is good to find someone that sharing the same interest as you.

This is the site where you can get to know with other parents. If like to tell more about your kids, you can even start a blog there. Join Parentricity because it is not only free but you get to thousands of moms and dads in the world. This is the site where everyone can meet up and share stories to each other.

I am going to tell my friends about this site. Some of them are becoming new parents.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Slim in yourself for good!

Today I found out about this product, I am not sure if you have heard of it. Tell me if you have tried it too, it is a type of juice where you need to consume it for twice a day. One in the morning another in the night before going to bed.

The cost of it is not cheap at all, it cost $198 for a box that contains 20 bottle of juice. If you think that the bottle is very big than you are wrong! It is just a small bottle and I read that some said its taste nice but some said it taste horrible.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thousand words

I think the best way to express thousand words is by using picture. I love looking at the pictures on newspaper, I spot one with banana trunk. It was six foot, seven foot, eight foot bunch of banana trunk!

Beware of your handbags

It is scary to know that safety in the neighbourhood is not good. In my area they have got two cases of robbery it happened in the morning and afternoon time. They know that during this hour where nobody is at home.

Even though one of the homes has got someone inside they still break in! The grilled was cut and the robbers have gone in the home from the back door. Another case they have got in the home from the roof.

Looking for auto allowance

Tell me what do you know about auto allowance. I do not know much even though I have a car. I asked my dad and he too is not very sure about it. With Internet access today we can search and browse for things that we are looking for. That is the best way to know more about Auto Allowance.

My friend Lee told me that her company will be interested to know more about vehicle reimbursement programs for companies with mobile employees. Her company has got employees that driver company vehicles for sales and marketing.

You can always check this site for CRS Programs, they have qualified team of tax specialists who structured the CRS programs along with the IRS revenue procedure. I am sure you interested to read more about tax-free. I think that is what Lee's company looking too.

With many websites about auto, where should you start looking? How about check out the Corporate Reimbursement Services (CRS). You can also give them a call at 1-888-312-0788.

I think everyone will like to know the difference of Employer Benefits and Driver Benefits. If you know anyone looking for auto allowance just let them know about this site.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Are you seeing paid ads in Entrecard?

Some of my friends have got bad experience like they have not approve the paid ads and they are running at their blogs. Tell me if you have got same experience as well.

I know I will not be happy too if this happen to my blog. If you have not approved them how can the ad be showing up?

Some friends leave Entrecard for a reason and I am seeing most of them are staying back.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fruit juice with pulp gives added fibre

I like to drink juice and which juice do you think with pulp? I think that will be orange juice, water melon juice, apple juice. If you want to be healthy, you will need to have at least seven hours of sleep.

I am sure everyone knows that breakfast provides healthy energy but I do like to eat so much of breakfast. I am kind of not much appetite to eat for breakfast.

How about you?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is Sex Appeal?

My friend told me that she went for the job interview the other day. It is an office job and working as admin assistant. It is sad that she informed me she did not get the job. The employer only like pretty admin assistant. I do not believe her at all but from my past experience this is what happened to me too!

Do you know sex appeal is that important? If you are pretty and brainy it will be good for you! What happened if it is the other way round? Does it mean you cannot find a job?

My friend never gives up and she further her studies for secretarial. Even though she is not pretty, she is still able to get a job.

So why do you think I put the title as What is Sex Appeal? instead of What is Job Appeal?

Friday, March 13, 2009

How to get rid of acne?

Tell me if you know how to get rid of acne, I have got so acne all over my face. I washed my face often and apply the lotion and moisturizer but the acne still growing. Why is that?

I seldom eat fried food and spicy food and the acne is not going away. Tell me is acne your problem too?

The type of acne I am having is blackheads and whiteheads. The blackheads can turn to dark sport.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to create website?

As I mention earlier that it is recession time and people are encouraged to learn to use computer and Internet. Most of them will be interested to find out on how to create website. It won't be a problem at all, it is simple and there is no HTML or coding required.

One of my friends is a single mom, I am like to show her on how to blog but first she needs to have a website of her own. It is easy to use and all she needs is 30 minutes to build her very own website. I bet she has many names to tell me for her domain blog.

Very often she asked me what blogging is, even I have told her she is not very understand. I think the best way for her to know about it is to have the experienced herself. Maybe this will be her year 2009 resolution.

Some of my colleagues are worry of their jobs. Even though they might not lose their jobs but the salary will be cut! That's the way to keep the employees. Company need to cut cost!

I know how they feel because I was once told that today is your last day of work! Having salary cut is nothing compares to lose a job!

Removing the 3 March Winner

Yeah I am going to remove the 3rd March winner because it is 4 March today! Time fly and I am still trying to catch up with time.

I have not updated my blogs for couple of days and I have got nine emails in inbox!

Single parenting

What do you think of single parenting? My friend has told me that her cousin is a single dad and planning to get married. They will only invite four persons for dinner as a celebration. One of the reasons he is still in debt so is better to make a small ceremony rather than a big one!

It is recession time and some people have lost their job. Many people have been encouraged to work online. They got to learn to use computer and Internet if they are new to it.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Check out whose the winner

Winner of my ad space at Sherry's contest. That is pinaymama and you can view her blog Aswana's Love Book by click on ad at my right bar.

There are contest going on blogsphere and I am too lazy to take part. At this moment I have things to do.

Will blog again soon.

Friday, February 13, 2009

No Valentine's Day

I am sure everyone is ready for this coming Valentine's Day. It is just a few minute away. I know as for you it will be a few hours away. I could be wrong though. I am trying to save up money as much as possible. There is good time and bad time.

The bed that I bought I have not settle all the payment yet. I know the credit card centre will be coming after me. I know I am not good in handling financial. That is why I am browsing on the Internet for help. I need help in get rid of bad debt. I know the debt is mounting and I must take action soon before it is too late.

I found the collection agency . I know there must be way to resolving the debt. I want to have a debt free life. I know I need to take control of my life and savings. Money is one sensitive matter and it can caused carass in relationship.

I know I need to learn use money wisely and less counting on using the credit cards. I know I am not alone, many of my friends are having same situation as me. They want to be debt free but they do not know how.

Two Way Communication

Let me know if you have two ways communication between you and your boss. This happened to a friend of my that told me that he has a new Boss in the company. He treated them badly and kept scolding the employee.

There is lack of two ways communication where one did not tell why and what happened. We cannot reach each other mind. I know nobody like to have the guessing game. If you are working in a company I am sure you do not want to see any trouble. I think everyone will want to have a secured job.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mandarin Orange and Banana

I have heard of gal and ladies throw the mandarin orange. I do not know that for the guys they throw the banana. They will write down their contact numbers on the mandarin orange and banana. Then they will throw it in the lake or bodies of the water.

Is this the single ways of meet up with new people? Yeah they are singles and that is why they are giving chance to themselves and other. Good time to get to know one another too.

Some gal and ladies forget to make some wishes before throwing their mandarin oranges.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Looking for affordable and luxury

I love shopping and when comes to shopping I will look out for affordable and luxury. Do you know where I can find that? My parents have been complaining that they are tired and stress. I saw this Faux Leather Armchair at this website.

My mom has been telling me that she needs many rest and she saw one of her friends having this armchair and she told me she likes it. I cannot afford to buy real leather armchair. I think Faux Leather Armchair is affordable and luxury.

I know I will need to save up money. I am sure my parents will be pampered having the faux leather armchair. I love travel and I am looking at this Delsey Pink Luggage Set. Pink is very nice color and this is my favorite color too.

My friends told me that shopping online will be cheaper. This will saves up your time looking for parking space and queue at the counter. I do not believe her at first but just look at the Price yourself anf you will see the difference. If you are looking for affordable and luxury items just check the

One of my colleague is looking for classic desinger hangbag. I am going to tell her about this website.

What is expiration date of perfume?

Do you know if there is an expiration date for perfume? I have read some where that the perfume has an expiration date. If you have opened it, you will have three years to use it. The same goes to cosmetic as well.

I find that some of my perfume has lost the fragrance. I bought the perfume when I was travelling and it was Tax Free.

Everything has an expiration date! Tell me what can you do with expired perfume. Some people said if they use expired perfume it caused them to have skin rashes.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love my job but...

Some people might lose their job this year as the economy is not doing well. I have friends that have their salary cut. Some of them will not be able to stay in the same company to work as they need to find new job.

Even my job is in the stage of not steady. I always think that I can stay long in this job but I was wrong. I was hint by colleague that I might lose my job. Looks like it is time to start applying jobs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Looking for good luck in 2009 ?

I just post about bad luck for year 2009. You can go ahead read about it. Now I am here to post about good luck for this year. I am sure everyone like to know about good luck more than bad luck.

Open windows and doors during Chinese New Year will bring you good luck. Not just that, if you are afraid of the dark you can turn on the lights for the night as it is considered good luck to scare away the ghosts and spirits. Do not ask me whether this is true or not.

Here's one interesting which I am sure you like to know. Wearing a new pair of slippers that is bought before the New Year. It is to step on the people who gossip about you! Now, I am sure most employee will be getting their slipper ready for the new year. LOL...

If you have got more to share. Please comment below.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Kek Lok Si temple in Penang

My friends are telling me that they are going to Penang this Chinese New Year. I am so happy for them. They are going for with family and friends. I am sure they will be very happy to go shopping.

Kuan Yin pavilion at the Kek Lok Si Temple in Air Itam is going to be ready by year end. The RM40mil pavilion for the 30.2 meter high bronze Guan Yin statue at Kek Lok Si.

Monday, January 12, 2009

See your baby in 3D

I cannot believe it but it is the technology that gives us the view of your baby. You can now view your baby in 3-D. Have anyone of you got such experience before? If yes, I like to hear from you. All I see is on the cable TV.

This is amazing and the cost is not cheap too. Someone have upload their baby photos up on photobucket and you can see there. I am going to view them now.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Begin a new year with resolution!

I like to begin a new year with resolution. I like to make money online, I like to get fit to fit in my favourite clothes. I have got things in mind that I need to set it up and get it going.

I have the fun with a Quiz "What Weather is Your Life?" .

Partly cloudy. You're generally a happy person and enjoy life, but you can occasionally get down. When you notice a cloud passing over you, take time outto reflect on how you feel and what you can do to bring out the sun again. Taking time to monitor your own well-being will mean you're in a great position to reach out and cheer up those around you too.