Thursday, August 28, 2008

Looking for web hosting

I am sure you knew that I have won a domain in Jess contest not long ago. Which I haven't get to use the money to buy any domain yet. I am still thinking on which web hosting to choose from. I have read blogs which using different type of web hosting. Still I don't know which is suitable for me, I will take my time to find out them as I want to find out the best website hosting .

There are so many things which comes to my consideration when choosing a web hosting. I know a few type of web hosting like Bluehost, Godaddy, and Hostgator. There are many web hosting which I still don't know yet. If you are using a web hosting which is it that you are using?

One thing which comes up in my mind when I think about web hosting is whether its safe or not. I am worry about the website being hacked. Maybe you have thought about it as well before making any decision on the web hosting. Security Issues is very important, don't you think so?

I am thinking about choosing cheap web hosting but on the other hand I am worry that in future I would have to spend more money in the web hosting like you have to add the bandwith and strorage.

You still have time to book flight tickets

Oh yeah if you are wondering about booking free flight tickets I am sure you have read about it in the newspaper. The deadline is on 31 August, I got to know that my classmate's brother booked earlier and missed out this chance. They are going to Sabah next month but without my classmate. Its her brother and dad that are going to holiday.

At first I thought her dad knew how to use internet and booked flight tickets online but asked again she said its her brother that do it. I know my dad too didn't know about internet much and not willing to learn as well.

We went carrefour

The nearest and best shopping spot for us is Carrefour which is nearest to us. I know there are others like Tesco, Giant, Jusco but a little bit too far for us. I am not wanting to go far during the night, for safety reason best to go shopping at the nearest spot.

Just now went out to buy some groceries and guessed what I bumped in my ex colleague. I did not know it was her until I repeatedly looking at her. She did not see me at all and she was carrying her baby too. I heard she was getting married. She's not local, she is from Japan marrying local.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Looking for Solvent Recovery

I was asking my colleague if they know any Solvent Recovery. Well, I didn't know that they have no idea what is solvent. Just for your info if you don't know anything about solvent you can also check on wikipedia. Other than that you can also click on Solvent Recovery which will explain to you all about it.

Do you know that solvent can be recycle? I didn't know about it until I found out on the Waste Recovery System . Recycling solvents is not a bad idea after all as we can also save money as well as helps the environment. I know you can find many site with solvent recovery its okay to check out this as well. Always survey and do a research won't hurt.

I am going to share this info with my friends and family. I am sure they are willing to know more. Solvent Recovery System with Cleaning System are available at NexGenEnviro dot com. They provides high performance solvent recovery systems for use in manufaturing, production and fabrication sites. I know these sites will have to spend money for their solvent, I am sure they will want to save money and time by recycle in-house.

Don't Speak

I know this title Don't Speak might sound familar. Whats the first thing that comes up in your mind? I am sure its the popular song which we listen very often. Yeah it was third album by Californian rock group No Doubt. I like this song, how about you?

I am here not to talk about this song but about someone which is a friend that making me crazy. She kept talking and repeating everything I said. Like example I said one sentence she can goes elaborate the my sentense into a few sentense and adding more words which is giving you NEGATIVE impact@!

What to do with her? She doesn't know how I feel and I am really feeling irritated by her. Not sure if you know what I am going through. It really makes me like living in underworld.

That's why I think of Don't Speak when I think about she don't talk.

Any advice?

Refill Inkject

I have come across a brochure and I don't know if its really a good to buy have my printer cartridge refill again instead of buying the original ones. The reason is I have hard time finding the cartridge and imagine going more than 5 stores and there's none that you are looking for its sold out.

The refill inkjet starts from RM4 sound good deal as origin cartridge would cost even more. But I do worry if its going to damage my printer. They have all kinds of brand for you to choose from. I just haven't try it yet. Still thinking if I should go ahead or just leave it first.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Holiday Shopping Promotion

From my point of view, everybody loves shopping. The best time to shop is the time you get your salary. I remembered my old friends was telling me that when he have got his first paid, he went shopping. What he bought? A Guess watch and a Guess T-Shirt. The watch is still with him but it can't be repair any more.

I am sure you have tried shopping using Internet. Tell me how do you feel about it? Before I forgot I found a site to share with you on cyber monday sales . By the way have anyone heard of Black Friday Online dot com?

Holiday season is coming and the special one I can say is Christmas. I am sure you want to know how you can buy items during Black Friday. The word Friday, I just love it and never forget about it. It's the day coming towards weekend. I am sure most people know that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving.

I have check out the Black Friday Online and I can tell you now that there are a list of Stores for you to check out. My friend was telling me she is looking for special deals on Disney theme merchandise. Now I can tell her to check out Disney Store . If you have got anything in mind that you want to buy just check on Black Friday Online.

Looking for car wiper

I didn't want to mention about this but my car need a new wiper. The one which is used when rain or heavy rain. It's wrecked because of the hot weather and half the wiper rubber has come out. I didn't get to the car accessories shop to buy a new one.

I think it cost $30 for one pair. I just need to buy one wiper as I am driving a Tiara. Yeah I am sure you have heard about Proton Tiara. I do worry if the car suddenly stopped on the road. This happened a few time but it was a few years back. The car just suddenly stopped by itself.

There's no other car around lucky for me. Who knows the car from behind can rammed into my car. The maintenance and service for the car is expensive too. Every time will cost more than $500. The foreman will be telling you here and there something wrong need to be change etc. Money is never enough to repair the car.

If you have friends or anyone driving Tiara tell me how they feel about the car.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Chong Wei's our hero

Oh yeah everybody is cheering for our hero in Olympics for winning the silver metal. Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei and China's Lin Dan .

If you check out the wikipedia, you will know that Chong Wei is right handed and Lin Dan is left handed. Lin Dan won his very first gold metal in Olympics 2008.

Do you know whose coach is Chong Wei? Misbun Sidek, he is the oldest of the five Sidek Brothers.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trace Phone Number

Do you have any experience on getting phone calls which you don't know whose calling you? Well, I have been experiencing that and I am not happy at all. I don't understand how where they get my phone number. I do get missed call on my phone with many unknown phone numbers. Now there's a way to find out whose is the one calling me.

I am sure that you are like me what to Trace Number on whose the one calling. If you have not heard of Trace Number dot com you can find out whose making those prank calls and also annoying calls. You know what I want to know about? I want to trace those harassing telemarketers that been calling me over and over again.

If you are in the United States and Canada you are able to used their service which is available for your telephone and cell phone numbers. All the lookups are 100& confidential, so there's nothing to worry about. You can find out more info on reverse phone lookups by click on the link above.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Friends looking for Bar Stools

Tell me what do you think of Bar Stools? Where do you normally seen them? I can say that most Bars are having bar stools and believe me or not there's also home and some shopping outlets that having such stools too. I think the Bar Stools can be seen in many places now, not just bars but also shopping centre as well.

Some of my friends are looking for Bar Stools and they know that they can find them at the furniture store but they have not found what they want. I just want to tell you that I have found a website with many type of Bar Stools . It's really up to them to decide which they prefer.

My friends are newly web couple and they have bought a new home. They even have a mini bar in their living room. They are looking for suitable Bar Stools to fit them. As you know they are Metal Bar Stools, Wood Bar Stools, and Aluminium Bar Stools. I have no idea which they are prefer to have. I can tell you that their mini bar is made of wood, so I think they may prefer a Wood Bar Stool.

I think it's important to find a quality bar stools and not just any bar stools you find are good quality. Sometimes you think you have bought a cheap and nice bar stools but I can tell you that they don't lasts long. Looking at this website do you know that they not only have quality bar stools but they also offer bar stools from the nation's top manufacturer's at discount pricing.

If you are looking for Bar Stools and don't know where to look, check this website as they offer free shipping in the Continental United States on all orders over $500.00! Almost forgot, like to share with you my favourite Bar Stools is the Retro Style Swivel Metal Bar Stool with Back which you can see the picture above.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working in Process on this Blog

Please help me out here, I just change this blog template and I lost all the contact which is listed on my blogroll. If you have added my blog to your blogroll, please let me know your blog name again so I could add them.

I still remembered some of the blogger but not all. Sorry about that, please comment in this post with your blog name and blog address.

If you like to exchange link with me, that will be great too. Let me know too.

How you like my new blog? I am still working on it and yeah this blog is different from others too. I don't see the blogger logo at all. Okay I did some changes and finally found it.

Oh I know how to add the Contact, About, Disclose, etc. For now...

How do you get rid of the orange colour date?? I really have no idea about that...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fish Spa in Malaysia

Oh yeah I am so happy to share this with you very sad is that I didn't bring a long my camera so I couldn't snap any good pic for you to view. I have bring along my cell phone to snap them but I couldn't upload the pic at all. Will have to ask my friends to help me out. Wait til they are free... not sure when.

Last Saturday, my friends and me went to a shopping mall. I am sure you have heard of fish spa in Malaysia. My friends and I were thrill to give it a try. Yeah the price is $38 for half an hour. One advice that I like to give you! Never go if you are feeling sicked! I wasn't well was like a bit cough and flu but I still go ahead and I ended up more sicked.

No blame the fishes I have so much fun even try to catch them. One of my friend did manage to catch one but its small fish not the big one. It's hard to tell you about how I feel but I can say that at first you don't feel you like it because all fishes surrounding your feet and some people said that these are kissing fishes. LOL

I was very scare of the big fishes, I saw them and they keep coming to my feet. My other friends was like screaming all the way... from start to end. The sales person keep telling us to do more than that, we are just interested for the fish spa. She told us about other service but it will cost up to $100. Sorry we don't have the money, we are here to give a try and not sure when we'll be back.

She saying to us that come every week to do this is good for you blood circulation. I was having one thought in mind, pocket with a big hole! $38 one time and imagine the cost for 4 times a month. I hope there will be more people that give a try on the fish spa. We have so much fun because there's only three of us at that time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Night Market

Say have anyone head of "Pasar Malam" which is in Malay but in English its called Night Market. Oh yeah I thought I am wrong about it I am not as I just check out at wikipedia as well.

You can just click on link above too. I love going to Night Market specially for buying food. Have you eat "Salted Chicken" before? Well, you can imagine how salty it is as they used the paper to wrap the chicken then food it in the wok which is full of rock salt! Not rock salt that has been crunch to cover up the chicken. Yummy....

It's not cheap though, a salted chicken thigh cost $6.60.