Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fun with Wikki Stix

Just recently I won a contest and happy to share with you the cute items I have got. You can find out more detail from

My son is seven year old and he has creative mind, he used the stick and making first picture below. He sticks them on the cupboard, he make a big shopping bag and a boy (him) carrying it. He imagines that inside the bag is all the toys!

Another picture below shows that he's made a house and a person standing next to it. He says it is a special house for him.

It is fun to play with the Wikki Stix, he cannot stop having fun playing with the Wikki Stix.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Toddler & Kid Trolley car in GIANT USJ!

Last Sunday we head to GIANT USJ, I have to hand over the contest form of Guradian. The Giant USJ has the toddler and kid trolley car available for parents now. I am happy to see that my baby happy with the toddler car trolley. According to the guard only one toddler or kid trolley for a family, but the couple took three kid trolley, they keeps saying they have three boys to take care of. The couple and the maid each has the trolley.

Have you been to Giant USJ?

Talking of trolley I think of my son's Mickey Mouse trolley bag, he use it everyday to go school. Now look below picture how my youngest son likes to play with it.
I saw this trolley bag is very common, I spotted five same trolley bags in school. NO kidding talking of this a friend's son has mixed up the bag with another kid because they took the bus and the boy return with another's person bag which is exact same bag!

Kids today are lucky to have trolley bags, I don't have trolley bag at all I only using backpack and plastic bags for my books.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's day

It is Valentine's day and I have booked my dear to watch movie with me, yes a movie date but not today. We will watch premiere movie next Tuesday night, I am happy because I have watched movie for at least two weeks and I miss it.

The premiere movie of Flight, I am excited to watch it. My dear knows how to go 1 Utama. He knows the way better than me, believe me if I go alone huge chance I may get lost. I seldom go there because it is far for me. Unlike my friend who working around the area know to know but she now working in Bangsar sad say seldom got chance to watch with her.

Alright what is your plan for this special day?

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elita UW BRA@Avon

I am happy to receive the update of Avon book, I saw my favourite bra. If you check the page 110, it is pink in colour named Elita UV Bra the wired pink bra. I have purchased this bra in December but didn't find this bra in January. I love the comfortable bra and love the designed.

No kidding I am going to set my date on shopping this pinky bra! Talking of bra, let's check out my other giveaway on bag and white lace legging at what every gal want.

Monday, February 4, 2013

New giveaway for Feb

I love giveaway and I am sure you are excited to know where is the new giveaway held at? You know that I have many blogs so how can I neglect my blogs. So here goes my MINI GIVEAWAY at name sherry, click on the link to take part now.

It is tired day for me today, my son at school didn't find me during the recess time. I was there to check on him and sad to say not able to see him at all. I asked him after school, he told me he forgotten. Anyway I am not mad just tired as I am there for three hours! It takes time to find parking near the school.

I bumped into a lady where I go evening walk at playground, I didn't recognize her at all. She wears t-shirt at playground, she told me she looks after her 8 yr old son. She is a housewife and she was wearing baju kurung at Post Office. I didn't know that she's from Kedah, we never talk at playground.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Registered post info for winners

Hi winners of my New Year Giveaway, please take note the registration of yours.

I mail out this morning at Post Office, at AEON Big Subang Jaya.

RD074062719MY Wan Atikah
RD074062912MY Maizatul

Hope you get by this week as next week school holiday a week!

Thank you.

Carrefour is now AEON Big

Yesterday I head to Carrefour for last minute shopping, it looks like most lable and even plastic bags names of Carrefour changes to AEON Big. Even the trolley from red colour to orange colour and words on handle no longer Carrefour.

We bought some Chinese New Year cookies for prayers, I am glad to see price range from $5.50 to $8.88. I was shock to see the price of cookies earlier which cost $18.88 at other place. Anyway we purchased the batteries from there too.

Son was hungry and we head to KFC for dinner, I only eat the pepper fried chickens I bought from AEON Big. Sister-in-law tried the paper wrapped chicken which is oriental spicy! My dear had the dinner plate, not to forget my baby had the fries and mashed potata. Son loves the chicky meal set and also like cheesy wedges!

Do you like shopping at AEON Big?

Friday, February 1, 2013

Have you got your hair cut this Chinese New Year?

My son is getting his hair cut later this afternoon, my dear too will need to cut hair. I didn't have to because I have got my hair cut the other day. There is guessing game on how much is my hair cut, did you take part? The guessing price of hair cut is held at name sherry.

Oh well talking of hair cut, my friend asking me of price hair cut in SS19 salon in Subang Jaya. I asked one of the salon it cost RM30 for cut only, if wash hair also RM35. My friend interested to go hair cut of black salon, I called it black salon because the glass doors are tinted black! I didn't go inside at all but she is shy to go ask for the price of hair cut, she worry the price would goes up. She says that the previous hair cut she had there cost her RM45.

Let me know how much it usually cost for your hair cut, with wash or without wash hair?