Monday, October 29, 2012

Fashion accessories with Sally Hansen

I have got this product for review, I am so happy it is my first time trying out this nail polish and I fall in love. This nail polish is available at Guardian and Watson price of RM27.90.

With just first coat of the nail polish it dry up so quickly before I can count even one minute. I applied two coat of the 360 nail colour. I love this colour very much I am going to wear this for the Indian Wedding Dinner this coming Saturday.

I thought a dress that I am going to wear, I think it matched the colour of my dress. My plus size dress is in stripe colour, I will post of the picture when I am free.

Talking of nail colour, I have a guess & win where you can stand the chance to win cute Kiss Me top, Hello Kitty Mask, and handmade flower pin. The guess & win ends this Friday night so take this chance to win something nice for yourself. You need to click above link to take part!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Plus size dresses @Carrefour

No kidding it is my first time to find there's plus size dress at Carrefour, being plus size mommy I am having diffuculty to find dress that suitable for me. Above picture I tried out the black dress and there's other colour red and blue. I am trying out the XL size as you can see, XXL is way too big for me.

The dress cost less than RM50, you can find this dress at Carrefour. I went to Carefour Subang Jaya the other day. I didn't purchase the dress as I don't have enough money in hand. I purchased bedding there and also diapers plus baby milk powder. Yeah you know that cost so much money!

Tomorrow I need to bring my baby for checkup and he will gets injection too. I got scared today as he swallowed something, we have no idea what it is. I am going to seek advice from doctor. I want to bring him see doctor today but the doctor not working in the afternoon. Right now baby is busy throwing his bro underwear out of the drawer!

Raining in the evening and my son wanted to go playground, alright will wait my dear back to see what he can do. Maybe bring him to indoor playground nearby.

Friday, October 5, 2012

First Dior lipstick for me

I dont own any Dior product and happy receive an sms that i won a Dior lipstick. I saw many wonderful review on the lipstick and cannot believe i won! Well dont have the lipstick now as not yet go for redemption.

I think next week go the office for collection with my son. I need wait him finished school and shower them then maybe lunch first only go. I need to plan for this, my sister in law won a magazine contest too and her hamper is worth RM160. I am happy for her because i am the one help her with the filling and cutting plus stamp it and mail out.

I just back from evening it is good sweating for me! Glad to see my boy had good time with his new friend Fariz even though now only knew his name. Exercise is good for health you cannot buy with money.

Tomorrow big day for my son is concert day!! He needs to put on red lipstick and wear black shoes and socks.