Friday, June 28, 2013

Monsters Universtity Fun Book giveaway

If you love guess and win, here comes again check out how you can win Monsters University Fun Book for your children. Be sure to click on the link to find out.

Besides that they are giveaway for gals, yeah check out this giveaway by click on the link too! There is a multi pockets pouch waiting for you to win!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New giveaway@whateverygalwant

I love giveaway and you don't want to miss out the chance to win many goodie and namely the multi pockets pouch. Yeah check out what every gal want now for the giveaway, be the top points collector and win the Prize! It is that easy, for detail just click on the link for info.

Tonight I have movie date with son, yes we are going to watch Monsters University together. We are excited because this Sat we are going to watch Man of Steel. :D

Yeah looks like two dates in a week with my boy.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Man of Steel wait for me!!

Yeah I am happy that I won passes to watch Man of Steel, somehow one lady suddenly message me asking me to give her my passes. W+F?! I didn't say or post up in FB that I am giving up the movie passes I won.

She then kept asking me where I am going to watch the movie, I ain't gonna tell her because I think she knows because her bestie going same cinema as I am. I don't care her because she's not really my friend, friend do share about contest and other. But she didn't, she won movie passes with her and didn't inform me of such contest. They saw Iron Man 3 together.

Talking about jealous, I know she's not happy I won the movie passes. She told me she wants to watch it. She is working and has the money to pay for the movie in cinema. I am not working.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Just fat not pregnant!

Last Saturday attended grandma's birthday and can't believe she is 92 now. She asked me if I am pregnant, yikes! That's fat meat not pregnant. lol

I am being 30s now I put on weight fast, yeah supper is a BIG NO NO!!

Anyway I am feeling hungry now as lunch I only butter cake with coffee, just dip in to eat. :D

By the way two giveaways are up, check out


Sunday, June 2, 2013

2 June 2013 @MYDINUSJ

Today I was invited to attend the Global March to Jerusalem (GMJ) - a Rally of hope for all humanity at MYDIN USJ.
Women's March for the Palestinian Women and Children 2013.
This is organized by several NGOs: Mawaddah, PACE, VPM, Aqsa Syarif, R2R, QII, and PCOM.
Rose2Rose project, they are selling fresh roses at RM10 each. The fresh roses as a symbol of feminity, a part of their fund raising activity to ensure families in Paletine can have a reasonable Ramadhan and Eid this year. Each food basket for one family cost only USD50=RM150.
They will include:
1. 1 bottle of cooking oil
2. 2 kilo dates
3. 2 kilo sugar
4. 2 cheese tray
5. 2 meat tray
6. 4 packs of beans
7. 3 kilo of rice
8. 1 bottle jam
9. 2 packs of salsa and
10. 1 pack of sweets.
This meaningful event is about increase our awareness the plight of oppressed people especially the Palestinians.

Do you know that 7th June has always been remembered in the Arab World and the muslim world.
This year 2013, 7 June marked the 45th year of the rememberance of an-Naksah or setback of the Arab nations in the Six-Days War (5th -10th June 1967). 

You can see more picture in instagram sherry go.