Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time is money

My mom's friend was saying that she doesn't have time for this and that. I wonder what she mean. She's not working and only taking care of the children at home. My classmate have help her by telling her that there's some job that she can do at home.

She just told my mom that she's not interested. Well, its up to her and I truly think that time is money. I think people who owned business would agree with me. How about you?

Check the list of National Sex Offender List

I have some friends that are living in U.S they are worry about their safety as the neighbourhood they are living in are not really secure. I am worry about them too. I told them to check out the website with Sex Offender Registry. There are many info which you can find from Megan's Law.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

From 2 to 3 blog page rank

I am surprise to see that my page rank has increase from 2 to 3. As you can see that I don't post often but I got this nice number 3. So its top 3 right?

Free Page Rank Tool

Well, I hope that it won't be any changes in the future. I don't want it go be slipping down I refer it to go up!

So share with me about your blog page rank. Don't be shy!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I am slow

Just want to tell you that I am slow in jobs. That's why I am always miss out opportunity when I saw one. You know many jobs come as First come First serve. I wanted to be the one choosing the job.

But you know how it turned out right? We just have to wait for the right time and when chance comes by you must grab them. Or else you won't be able to see them any more.

That's what my dad always tell me.

Just another day

It's Thursday and its raining over here. I have plan for tomorrow as I am not going to cook any dinner. I decided that I will buy food back to eat. I can't be blogging so much.

Thats why you are not seeing my post much these days. I am wanting to blog more but something is always up for me to do. Yeah like right now.

Okay I have to go now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Check website reviews

While blogging I found a nice website to share with you. I am sure you wanting to know about Top Websites . This is a nice website where you get the chance to review your own website! Anyone interested on User Website Reviews ? Users get the chance to share their views on sites through their site review form.

Counting the money

Well, I am not really counting the money, but more like expenses for monthly payment. I didn't settle payment for some bills as they still haven't arrive.

I am thinking to buy some personal product for keep save. Well, it's on promotion now so I don't think I will get the price again. So I am still thinking about it though.

Last Sunday, I bought a facial cleanser not sure if it's suitable for me. I have not used the brand for so long. What brand was it? Ginvera. Have you heard of it?

Check TH blogs

Have you ever consider of getting a personalized rss dollie? I mean its real cute and even boys are getting one for their blogs. I am not kidding about this. You can checkout my links for twins happiness.

I just love watching the dollie with 2 babies. How cute is that? I am sure you want to know where to get one for your blog.

If not mistaken I think it cost 500EC for one.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tattooed lovers

I am sure you know what's tattoo and if you are tattooed lover, I am sure you like to meet tattooed people. Well I found a website to share with you. Tattooed Chatrooms is the site where you can chat with many tattooed people. The place to make friends and chat as well. I am sure this will be a great site for tattooed lovers nationwide.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Bone Collector

Have you watched this movie? Its an old movie which I love to sit down and watched. That's the first movie I saw Angelina Jolie. This is a thriller movie which I am watching at the moment. Yeah its good to stay at home when you have a day off.

I don't want to think about going out as every time I need to go out I need to spend money. I know my car needed fuel so I will go pump later on. It's very hot now so best stay indoor I don't want to get any sunburn.

How's the weather in your area? Rainy, dry?

Representing and Acting is a big difference!

My friend was telling me that her company still looking for manpower so at the moment she's representing the department. So you see she's not in an Acting position. Lucky for her that her GM has make it clear by telling everyone in the meeting as well as distribute the email.

I do hope that her company will soon find the manpower that they are looking for. She is doing multi task at the moment. She has to go as early as 7.30 in the morning and left work only at 8pm in the night.

There's not OT paid at all.

Black Matching

My friend Amy is very busy with her working schedule she doesn't have the time to meet go out. She has been feeling down lately and I think she needs to have time off. She has internet access from her home, I am thinking of telling her about she can meet and chat online. This is the site where Asian people meet and chat. I am sure she will be interested in meeting Black Males . I remembered my other friend that meet and date online before.

Well, congrats my friend

My friend told me that she is pregnant with her second baby now. She's very happy about it and its a gal this time. She already had a son so after her this baby she will not have any more. She's telling me that she's very tired.

Yeah I am sure being parents can be tough and fun at the same time. Just the other day, I saw my friend Sam and he told me that he's tired of taking care the baby so he lets his wife do the job so that he can gets some sleep.

I think parents will need to take turn to take care of baby. So either one won't be too tired.

Didn't sleep well

I didn't get any good sleep at all last night. It's pretty hot and I am turning on my sides. Well, with my King size bed I am supposed to have a good beauty sleep but not really. I think the weather has been rainy and sunny as well.

Some of my friends also fall sicked. Everyone needs to drink plenty of water to keep cool to avoid falling ill. Last night I have eat some nice syrup with lychee. After that I make a cup of coffee to drink.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Interracial Chat City

I don't know about this Interracial Chat City until I found out about it. Have you heard or read about this before? Anyone interested on Interracial Chat ? If you are you can check out this website. This is an online forum for Interracial people to meet and chat. It's free to use and you can sign up a free account to get started.

Different type of blogroll

I notice that my side bar blogroll is very different from my previous one. Which do you think its better? The one with only link to website or the one with link to website and their updates.

Personally, I like this as I can view the update on every blog on the list. I was told by a friend that this is not a good idea. I don't know why, maybe you can tell me about it. I wanting to ask my friend but he's real busy with his work and no time to chat at all.

Still working on my blog

Are you can see that my blog is not perfect yet. I still need advice and I will be fixing this blog soon. First I like to know if anyone can tell me how to get rid of the orange colour wordings which you can see on every post.

It's kind of irritating seeing it. I don't know how to fix it at all. If you know about please share your tip with me.

Online Chat City

Do you know any online chat city? Have you heard of this before? I found this Online Chat Rooms where you can make meet people and chat online. You know it's free to use for unlimited for life! It will be a great place for you and your friends to chat online as well. I am thinking to tell my friends about it. It's 100% Free Membership, you don't have to pay for it.


Have anyone been using Streamyx? How good is it? Well, it has been giving me down time most of the time which makes me can't stay online at all. This not just make me not happy but also many people as well.

I am thinking of switching to another service but I don't know which is good. Will other service be the same like Streamyx? I really dislike my internet down always. You know how I knew it? My modem having three lights on always but when internet is down the middle one will be blinking non stop.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Can modem goes dead?

I don't know how to say this but I am feeling that my internet connetion is slow. I like to know can modem goes dead?

If the interent connectoin is bad can it be due to the room as its hot and I didn't turn on the fan or air conditional. Trying to save cost but later on I see that the modem is like burning up.

I am using ADSL modem. I used to have a CPU with internet inside but later on I think its spoiled and didn't get it to fix at all. That's why I bought the modem. I think having the external modem is better as we can see it. If its internal like my CPU I can't see it and no idea why it just spoiled.

Tell me what you think.

Business Internet Directory

I am sure everyone is thinking about what type of business we can do. Well, personally I like to be Boss of my own and I am thinking what business I like to do. In the mean time, we can check out some nice Business Listing . Doing business on Internet is not as easy as we see.

Other than checking on internet we can checked on Yellow Pages as well. The other day my friend told me that she wanting to find plumbers and just don't know where to look for. I suggested her to check out Yellow Pages.

You know how easy it is now with Internet access, just a few clicks away we can find everything that we need to know. Business Internet Directory is one of the website I am talking about. You can check out at buzzhub.com and get the buzz on local businesses. They have over 3 million local businesses listed.

If you are thinking of setting up business online or offline this will be a great site for you.

Deal or No Deal

What would you do if you have been trying to help your colleague but later on the colleauge just don't really appreciate you after all? I am feeling not so happy about that but I am glad to say that I have done what I need to do.

If they said they are not happy with their job environment, we tend to help like speaking to the Boss but later on you were told that the colleague just wasn't sure which department to be permanently working in.

Is there a time which you are having hard time to make a decision? I do and I would try my best to deal with it. Maybe note down every pros and cons of it.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Where's my book?

Remembered a post that I posted about that I won ?Well, I still haven't get the book and even contact the blog owner who held the contest, there's no response at all. I would really consider again if I am wanting to take part in contest.

It supposed to be fun and if you have won a prize I am sure you want it to be delivered to you. I am sad to say that I never the the book that I have won. Where's my book? I have no idea. I did make a few comments in the blog owner who held the contest. But very sad to say that I never get any reply or any feedback at all.

Will take part in such contest in future?

How to choose a laptop or computer

I am thinking of buying a laptop or computer. But I don't know how to choose any of them. I found a site where you can find out about Laptop Computers Buying Guide . I think beside choosing the right laptop or computer, its also important to know that the cost is within my budget.

My budget of buying a laptop is not more than $2500. I know there are many brand to choose from. So I am talking my time to select them. I think having a laptop is better than a computer as I can bring it where ever I am going. If you are using a laptop which brand are you using? I am going to spend more than 8 hours using a laptop.

I know many people are using Apple MacBook but its too expensive for me. I am not in a hurry to buy one at the moment. So I will take my time to choose and select which best suitable for me. It would be great if you are able to share with me your experience of using a laptop or compouter.

How much it cost for major service?

I am sure everyone having a car of their own. Tell me how much it cost to have your car get major service? My ex colleague is driving a Nissan Sentra 1.5 and told me that his car just have major service as have not been service for half a year.

The cost of his car major service is $2K. Yeah you have read this correctly and I am thinking how can this be so expensive. He's driving manual not an auto, if auto car it would cost $3K.

He had two of his car front tyres changed. What else? He haven't let me know about it yet.

Things getting expensive

Recently I sms my best friend who is also my classmate during my secondary school. I asked her whether she finds the things now getting expensive. She replied me back the next day telling me yeah she feel the same. Tell me what do you think.

Yesterday my friend went to shopping for some groceries at the shopping mall and you know how much it cost? It's over $200 and that didn't even feel up the trolley at all.

If you have been to Uncle Lim Cafe in local shopping mall, I noticed that the price of Nasi Lemak, Curry Laksa, from $7.90 and now the price has raised to $8.60 if not mistaken. This has not included any drinks at all.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Are you a coin collector?

Tell what do you think of when you see coins. Personally, I can tell you that I have been keeping some coins since I was a kid. I still have them is just that I don't remember where I put them. I remembered my dad have kept some coins too. I like to share with you a site where I found with coin supplies . I think this site is great for coin collectors. Have you heard of the site named Wizard Coin Supply ?

I know everyone has hobby and one of my hobby is coin collection. I also have other hobby like collect stamps. I used to exchange stamps with my classmate. Tell me do you have coin collecting accessories . I don't have that but I am checking on this site to find out more info. I am looking for coin storage, coin cases or coin boxes. Wizard Coin Supply is the leading supplier of name brand coin supplies and accessories for coin collectors.

If you have the interest to collect coins and don't have to get started. Don't worry this site has the series of article to educate you about proper coin care. It's important because they keep the value of their collections as high as possible. It's not too late to start a hobby, check out coin collecting supplies .

Monday, September 1, 2008

Which do you prefer?

I am sure everyone have gone for shopping before. So tell me what do you think of the sales person. Do you think they know the detail of their product that they are selling? Personally, I don't think they know much most of them I can see that they are just guessing.

Do you prefer their friendly but clueless service? Its interesting where I got to read a short article on newspaper that a man from Hong Kong came over to Kuala Lumpur for shopping. He read an article on the newspaper and having the respond of funny and well written. In Kuala Lumpur you may find some sales person clueless about their products but overall they are polite and helpful.

Have you been to Hong Kong? Mr. Ong saying that in Hong Kong the sales person are better trained, but their English is generally poor. Other than that, they can be quite snooty if you browse but don't buy. Personally, I really dislike having that feeling as we as customer we have the right to browse and ask around before buying. But yeah I am sure the sales person would be mad as you asked many question but didn't buy at all.

So tell me which you do prefer?

Just stay at home

Wow, tell me how you spend your weekend and also yesterday. I just stay at home also went out for little shopping. You know how much I spend just out going for lunch and buying some stuff. I don't believe it myself I spend $150 for groceries and food.

I hope there's no more increase on this and that except for my salary. Everybody having a fix job but I don't I will only get paid if I have got the job. I am just doing random job not fix job. How nice if I could be earning six figure on internet.