Monday, November 9, 2009

Be Slim with AyurSlim

I try slim down using diet but they are not working for me. So I have purchase three bottles of Be Slim with AyurSlim it is RM188 during this promo.

So I am sure everyone wants to know how AyurSlim work, it burns up fat cells, stops fat formation, removes toxins from the boxy, prevents craving for food, reduces excess cholestrol, no reported side effects so far.

Anyway I was told that I will not experience any purging. Let's see about that, now the contain of AyurSlim are Garcinia, Gymnema, Guggul, Terminalia Chebula, and Trigonella Foenum Graecum.

Anyway I need to eat them for three months to see the result. My aim is to lose more than 10 kg!


Tze Yi said...

hey there how did the ayurslim work out for you? did it help?

Mia Blog4me said...

thanks for asking it not work :(

Tze Yi said...

Oops.. sorry to hear that.

Mind to share what has worked well for your so far?

Oh btw, I believe that all these supplements/pills won't help with anything if you don't make adjustments to two other factors: diet & exercise. The pills will only work when you've changed the two factors, maybe help you to see faster results.