Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winner of New Year 2013 Giveaway

It is February 1st now, I am sure you are excited to know who is the winner for New Year 2013 Giveaway. It is happy mood for students because Chinese New Year is next weekend, they will be a week school holiday.

They are total nine participants that took part. The following of their blogs below.

After using the and winner goes to lucky NUMBER 3! Do you see your number above?

The Top Referral for this giveaway goes to! She wins a mystery gift from me.

Edit *1st Feb 2013 9.05pm, I have got your info, thanks. I will update here once I have post your prize using registered post.

Thank you to my followers for taking part in this giveaway, no worry if you didn't win this giveaway. I will have more giveaway soon, but for the moment this blog when using my pc it still direct to another website which troubles me to view. Does it gives you any problem to view my blog after few minutes of loading?

New Year Giveaway 2013

I am so happy it is going to be year 2013 soon, yeah looks everyone is looking forward for the snake year. It is Snake year in Chinese Calendar. Let's get start with the New Year Giveaway 2013.

Prizes for one winner, for below goodies!

  1. Coolchy Lemon sleeping mask from What every gal want
  2. Cute wristband from Travel blog
  3. Cute dress from Who luv cosmetics
  4. White Coca Cola pin from That blog 4 me
  5. Red Coca Cola pin Where 2 shop

I purchased the items above with my own money, now here comes the rules on taking part giveaway. All items are new except for Coolchy Lemon sleeping masks and cute wristband I used few times.

  1. Follow the below blogs on GFC. *must* (wajib)
Travel Blog
Who luvs cosmetics
Where 2 shop
2. Giveaway open to blogger with blogs at least one year old!

3. Copy the banner above and link to this post. In the post mention what is your wish in year 2013.

4. Top referral will win Mystery Prize!

5. Giveaway ends on 31 January 2013 at 12midnight Malaysia time. Giveaway opens to bloggers around the world.
You may copy the post above to your blog.

I decided to make it fun, having this giveaway open to International.

Good luck!

Help why my blog showup!!

It is so irritating, why my blog goes to What happen to my blog? Is it something wrong with my codes?

Anyone knows why, please let me know.

Can you view my blog? Does it direct to another web?

I try to view my giveaway blog post and blog it keep direct. I even try to go comments to see the blog url of participants but it just go direct to

I try to edit html and it auto goes to

Reminder contest ends tonight

Yes it is a reminder here that contest ends tonight so check your entry yeah as I have not check all entry at commented post. Just make sure everything you do according to the post stated. At the moment, guiding my son to do his homeworks. Today six homeworks from school, okay busy now.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Children running wild in class

I am must say bravo to the teachers, I don't know how the teacher can teach today. I find some children running wild in class, even in my son's class. They don't pay attention in class and do not respect teachers. Teacher complained of the children to the parents' some parents are okay if teachers punished them in class or change their seating arrangement.

We never forget the old folk saying that it takes three days to be bad, it takes three years to be good! These words are in Chinese, an aunt confessed with me that her son has become smoker at young age because he mixed with boys that smoke during young.

Being parents we are concern and worry of our children, we want to be there to protect them. No matter how old they are, they will always be our baby.

Talking of children, I think of the missing boy that found dead William Yau, he's six year old. He touches everyone's heart; he was out of his car looking for his parents because his one year old sister cried while his eldest brother seven year old cares for her. I hope police will catch whoever that did bad things to this little boy!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Why no MPH bookstore in Sunway Pyramid?

I like going to Sunway Pyramid from time to time but sadly why they don't have MPH book store there? I like going to book store to check on magazines and interest in reading books like interest me. On Saturday we head to Midvalley and I manage to go MPH book store but didn't manage to find what I want.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Sunway Pyramid, I want to go 1 Utama but dear insists of Sunway Pyramid. Another day off for him, so I know Chinese New Year is very near. We are waiting his next month salary to purchase some items for prayer, etc.

I wish I am working so I can make money of my own. I can't because I need to teach and guide my son in doing homeworks. I find out that tuition teacher cost RM40 an hour! If I get a job I will need to hire someone to fetch my son to school, yeah it's not going to be cheap I was told RM200 a month.

Looks like my ideal job now is taking of my son, he's my priority! Yeah not to forget my baby too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Got my consolation prize

Yesterday I received a call to collect my consolation prize which I took part in November last year. I am happy to collect the prize without adding any money to it. You know I don't like to pay money for the prize I won, some contests stated you win but you need pay a hundred ringgit for it. Yeah I never forget that contest which I won until today prize not claim because i need to pay a hundred for it. So lets just forget it.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Try commenting @My Kid Shopping and win!

I am sure you love contest and giveaway so that's why you are here. So go ahead and start commenting at My Kid Shopping because Top Commentator win! Yes something for the Top Commentator, it depends on whether you are commit to commenting or not. Just check out the blog and you'll see not many comments.

It is fun commenting and get to know more about bloggers on the blog. So don't just read here click above link now if you like to comment!

Monday, January 14, 2013

No personal time for me!

I am feeling stress because I feel like I am going back to school, no kidding checking on all the homework and guiding him to do them. It is madness that some I don't even understand, bravo to the teachers I don't know how they can teach so many children in one class. I find it difficult just to teach one child!

Tonight is the night I get to have my time, yeah I am dragging my dear along with me because I want watch a movie with him. The movie is not near my house so I don't know how to go, I must have my dear to go with him because he knows the route! Too bad most of my friends are busy, one of them changed job and working in Bangsar which is far for her to come for movie with me. She loves to watch horror movie just like me!

My dear is not a fan of horror movie, oh well I am going to keep it a secret until we are there. The last horror movie we saw frightened us! Yeah never forget that movie we seen it in Midvalley! Psst.. tonight movie is Mama!

My friend told me the tuition fee and canteen fee in school way cheaper than here. I am surprise to hear that, even her hubby can afford buying a terrace house!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

$30 fail portable fan!

This is very upset my dear because yesterday he bought the fan $30 and he used it today in office and it broken! Gosh.. it just pisses you off; now thinking if wants to go back the shop to ask for exchange or replace. I told him yes keep the receipt as it stated 14 days to exchange and return!

He told me he so angry he throw away the fan in the dustbin in the morning. I hope the cleaning lady wasn't in time to trash his dustbin. His office is warm and giving him uneasy feeling to work.

How the staff in the office going to work under warm condition in office? If you are wearing suit in office I am sure you feel the heat!

What are you going to do, if you are in his position? He told me that he told the contractor but he is delaying the work!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Free parking@Carrefour Subang Jaya

Good news folks if you are going to Carrefour Subang Jaya, now they have the first three hours free of parking! No kidding, I am happy they have this set up so everyone can enjoy the first three hours of parking. I am sad to see the MyNews shop no longer available at Carrefour so cannot buy any Magazine from there.

The other day I saw promotion on Darlie tooth paste, three of it for only $13.88 if not mistaken. It is worth buying and I didn't grab any of it!

I have a new hair cut for New Year, yeah Chinese New Year just few weeks away. Now don't forget check out my new hair style on namesherry blog and guess on how much it cost to win a gift from me!

Busy mom here I checked my son's homework and cannot believe I still miss out the work. Yeah teacher circle it, homework need to color only I noticed! Boy, do I need four eyes to see the homework. 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

I have itchy neck

The school has started and hot weather outside, i sweat so much i get itchy neck. Lucky no matter where i go, i have a bottle thermal spring water to spray my neck. Yeah i using it and my son too using it.

I finished the first bottle last month, i am using second bottle. It is hand carry bottle suitable for my sling bag.

What do you do when you have itchy skin? Some people apply talcum but i cannot do that in public as i am not big fan of using talcum. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lack of breastmilk

My son going to be 19 months old this 16, I always pump breastmilk using Avent. I find that the Aveng breastpump is not the best, i used the manual breast pump because i could only afford that. I see the breastmilk getting lesser everyday. I tried taking supplements, even though i feel my breasts engorgement but still after pump the amount of milk is less.

He is also taking milk powder, he is choosy on food too. He may seems small size but he is strong. He is more active than his elder brother.

My eldest son i gave him exclusive breastfeeding for three and half years. Many friends of mine given up breastfeeding because they are lack of breastmilk. I wouldn't give up at the moment even though i am having lesser amount breastmilk.

Would you use your extra breastmilk to make handmade soap?