Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fruit juice with pulp gives added fibre

I like to drink juice and which juice do you think with pulp? I think that will be orange juice, water melon juice, apple juice. If you want to be healthy, you will need to have at least seven hours of sleep.

I am sure everyone knows that breakfast provides healthy energy but I do like to eat so much of breakfast. I am kind of not much appetite to eat for breakfast.

How about you?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is Sex Appeal?

My friend told me that she went for the job interview the other day. It is an office job and working as admin assistant. It is sad that she informed me she did not get the job. The employer only like pretty admin assistant. I do not believe her at all but from my past experience this is what happened to me too!

Do you know sex appeal is that important? If you are pretty and brainy it will be good for you! What happened if it is the other way round? Does it mean you cannot find a job?

My friend never gives up and she further her studies for secretarial. Even though she is not pretty, she is still able to get a job.

So why do you think I put the title as What is Sex Appeal? instead of What is Job Appeal?

Friday, March 13, 2009

How to get rid of acne?

Tell me if you know how to get rid of acne, I have got so acne all over my face. I washed my face often and apply the lotion and moisturizer but the acne still growing. Why is that?

I seldom eat fried food and spicy food and the acne is not going away. Tell me is acne your problem too?

The type of acne I am having is blackheads and whiteheads. The blackheads can turn to dark sport.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

How to create website?

As I mention earlier that it is recession time and people are encouraged to learn to use computer and Internet. Most of them will be interested to find out on how to create website. It won't be a problem at all, it is simple and there is no HTML or coding required.

One of my friends is a single mom, I am like to show her on how to blog but first she needs to have a website of her own. It is easy to use and all she needs is 30 minutes to build her very own website. I bet she has many names to tell me for her domain blog.

Very often she asked me what blogging is, even I have told her she is not very understand. I think the best way for her to know about it is to have the experienced herself. Maybe this will be her year 2009 resolution.

Some of my colleagues are worry of their jobs. Even though they might not lose their jobs but the salary will be cut! That's the way to keep the employees. Company need to cut cost!

I know how they feel because I was once told that today is your last day of work! Having salary cut is nothing compares to lose a job!

Removing the 3 March Winner

Yeah I am going to remove the 3rd March winner because it is 4 March today! Time fly and I am still trying to catch up with time.

I have not updated my blogs for couple of days and I have got nine emails in inbox!

Single parenting

What do you think of single parenting? My friend has told me that her cousin is a single dad and planning to get married. They will only invite four persons for dinner as a celebration. One of the reasons he is still in debt so is better to make a small ceremony rather than a big one!

It is recession time and some people have lost their job. Many people have been encouraged to work online. They got to learn to use computer and Internet if they are new to it.