Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to match top and skirt?

My friend is having problem to mix and match the top and skirt. I do not know how to say this but later I will accompany her to the nearest shopping mall. I hope she is able to find the skirt that she can mix and match with her top.

I think it is not easy to mix and match with the top and skirt. I know some Malaysians having a terrible taste in mix and match their clothing. No kidding as I have seen most in the shopping mall and they have got it all wrong. Well some people might think that who cares!

It is not about who cares but it is about yourself and how you want other people to look at you. I might be wrong, I am just sharing my thought with you. Personally I am not very good in mix and match my clothing too.

Shoes are important too, people will look at you from head to toe!

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