Thursday, April 9, 2009

Looking for auto allowance

Tell me what do you know about auto allowance. I do not know much even though I have a car. I asked my dad and he too is not very sure about it. With Internet access today we can search and browse for things that we are looking for. That is the best way to know more about Auto Allowance.

My friend Lee told me that her company will be interested to know more about vehicle reimbursement programs for companies with mobile employees. Her company has got employees that driver company vehicles for sales and marketing.

You can always check this site for CRS Programs, they have qualified team of tax specialists who structured the CRS programs along with the IRS revenue procedure. I am sure you interested to read more about tax-free. I think that is what Lee's company looking too.

With many websites about auto, where should you start looking? How about check out the Corporate Reimbursement Services (CRS). You can also give them a call at 1-888-312-0788.

I think everyone will like to know the difference of Employer Benefits and Driver Benefits. If you know anyone looking for auto allowance just let them know about this site.

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