Thursday, May 23, 2013

Car's tyre with nail stucked!

No kidding this morning my dear noticed his car's tyre with a nail stucked. So after going to Menara PJX is located next to Amcorp Mall. Yeah it is best to park roadside to go in the building, I find that it's quite a distance if walk from Amcorp Mall.

Then we head to Amcorp Mall for a quick breakfast/lunch! Then back to Subang because he needs to fix his tyre. He went to CKL Subang Jaya Sdn Bhd for repair the tyre. The patching of tyre cost him RM7.40 only!

Is he studying hard?

Today went to class to find teacher because son forgot to pass up the Spelling book. Yeah he did spelling but book kept in the bag. Lucky teacher is still there, in fact she is cleaning up the class to be tidy. She changes the plastic bag of the dustbin too! She wants the class clean with helped from students things work fast.

Anyway about result of his exam, he gets 86 for Chinese, math and science only 60 plus. Teacher says he's poor in them so better give him more practice and reading because Standard two will be tough for him.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hacker hacked the blog inserted sexy photos

Just login to my account here and scroll down to view blogs I am following. Surprise to see the blog is filled with sexy photos of woman. No kidding, all posts are sexy woman, some of them even topless.

Opps, I am following many blogs but looks like one of the blogs got hacked! Scary... I hope the owner of the blog gained her blog back soon. :(

Monday, May 13, 2013

Keeping the shirts for his little brother

I just took out some shirts belong to son, it seems he's bigger now so better keep the shirts for his little brother. I check his wardrobe still plenty of shirts, anyway sister-in-law do a second check on the shirts I keep in the bag.

How about you? Do you keep the shirts for your loved one to wear them?

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fake Ice Watch?!

I am sad to say my son's watch is broken, I still have spare watch for him to use. I saw an Ice Watch at a shop and the price RM35, I saw the colour of pink, blue and yellow. I am attracted to pink so nice but no idea if it is water proof. I didn't purchase it as I find price still expensive for me. Anyway the seller in shop has no idea if the watch is water proof!

I am thinking of getting myself a watch budget RM10. I think cheap watch can last probably a year or two year. I remembered past purchase a watch from Petaling Street, KL and it can last me for two years. I seldom go Petaling Street so I don't know how much is watch selling there now.

Do you wear a watch? How much value is your watch?

Monday, May 6, 2013

Free breastfeeding supplement

Any breastfeeding mommy with interest to take breastfeeding supplement? Yeah I have leftover because I stop breastfeeding my son who is next month turning two year old. It is such waste if I just throw away the supplements. I don't have many, the supplement suppose to increase or maintain your breastmilk. I can't promise you if it works, it is depends on individual. :D

Anyway I can only offer to 1 blog follower of my blog with address in Malaysia.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Top Commentator for April is..

With only 41 comments on this blog, she won April Top Commentator contest. Yeah she is one and only Nicole. :D

It is busy day for me too, I went out to Taipan where the snatch case happened last week. Yeah a bit worry walking there so I have folded umbrella with me. No kidding holding the umbrella in hand and walking along the pathway, lucky they are people there. I don't want to be victim like the other woman.

I bought some items for son and for me. Can you guess what is it? No prize for correct guessing, just guess for fun. :D