Friday, September 6, 2019

Love to dine and wanna win free meal too!

Happy Friday to all readers and followers and visitors of my blog. It's September, UPSR is happening this two weeks. good luck to all participants. Don't worry and as long you try your best in the exam. My son too had the UPSR exam last year, he was worry too and this year he is Form 1. He didn't go remove class as he manage to pass BM papers.

Talking of exam, he also love time out and have entertainment and food too. Important to give kids  break and have a bonding time, sometimes we have movie together and dinner at mall. Talking of food, sharing with you that you can win free meal for a year, no kidding just check out the link for more details. Simple and easy to take part, if you able to collect stamps and many yummy food are waiting for you. My friends who love contest and food usually like to share these with their friends and colleagues, so they go together and dine. Just click on above link to find out how to win.

Friday, March 22, 2019

TOP Plush Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner for Softness and Fragrance That Lasts 100 Days

If you have ever had to make the tough choice between fabric softness or long-lasting fragrance when it comes to your fabric softener, TOP has combined the best of both qualities into its TOP Plush Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner.

Everyone has got a busy lifestyle, busy mom will know what's best when comes to home detergent. I have been using Top detergent powder for many years. Recently I also used the TOP Turbo Clean Ultra Concentrated Detergent .

TOP, the NO.1 detergent brand in Malaysia is cementing its position as the Total Laundry Expert with the introduction of TOP Plush Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner that provides 100 days’ of softness and fragrance for everyday plushness and alluring fragrance, from wash to wash. The entry of TOP Plush has created a new category of laundry care category of fabric conditioner in Malaysia.

TOP Plush is formulated with advanced laundry technology from Lion Corporation, Japan. It is 3 times more concentrated than ordinary fabric softeners. One small cap full is enough to enjoy the long lasting softness and fragrance for regular laundry as well as seasonal laundry items such as curtains and bedding for up to 100 days! The 750gm bottle size can last up to 50 washes while the 600gm refill pack can last up to 40 washes. The ultra concentrated formula results in a sleekly compact bottle that is lightweight, easy to carry and to store yet delivers luxurious plushness and fragrance.

TOP Plush Ultra Concentrated Fabric Conditioner uses breakthrough FibreTech and Scent Micropod fabric conditioning technology from Japan that can keep laundered fabrics softer, plusher and scented for up to 100 days.

TOP Plush FibreTech technology conditions and softens all fabric types to deliver custom-made softness that leaves clothes fluffy soft while helping to reduce wear and tear on fabric fibres thus prolonging the life and use of fabrics. This fabric conditioning technology helps to smoothen wrinkles for easier ironing, freeing up time for other pursuits including time with family and friends.

The Scent Micropods fabric conditioning technology in TOP Plush infuses fresh scents into fabric fibres through touch-activated encapsulated fresh scents that lasts up to 100 days from wash to wash. It is ideal for daily wear and special occasion wear as well as less frequently laundered items such as bulky bedding, chair covers, rugs and curtains.

Fragrance should never be underestimated, as it has the power to build confidence, improve moods and bring people together with studies showing that fresh smelling scents can positively impact daily living. Mood Media also reports that there is a 40 percent improvement in mood after being exposed to pleasant scents1. TOP Plush can boost your mood by making washed fabrics more comfortable, luxurious in texture and alluring scent with up to 100 days.

Besides that, TOP Plush gives you other extra benefits such as 99.9% anti-bacterial, malodour control, smoothens out wrinkles for easier ironing, reduce static cling, shape retention and with plant-based ingredients that are kinder to the environment.

Available in five breath-taking scents in coloured variants to suit the different needs of consumers from the feminine softness of the pink Spring Blush, the fresh confidence of the blue Morning Breeze, the tender loving care of baby skin-safe Soothing Care in white, the elegance of Glamourous Magnolia in yellow, and the romantic allure of Scarlet Passion in red.

Southern Lion Sdn Bhd Marketing Manager (Household Products Dept), Mr Leroy Yoon said that TOP Plush Ultra concentrated fabric conditioner was developed in line with TOP’s brand promise of Innovation for Better Living.

TOP Plush is available at retailers nationwide with the 750ml bottle at the recommended selling price of RM11.25 (WM) & RM 12.10 (EM) per bottle, and the 600ml refill pack priced at RM8.00 (WM) & RM8.65 (EM) per pack.

Available in five breath-taking variants to complete the needs of consumers:

Spring Blush Feminine softness of the pink
Spring Blush which gives you the freshness to be young and energetic!

Morning Breeze Start up your day with fresh & confidence scent.
Suitable for active lifestyle people to keep them fresh and smell good all day long.

Scarlet Passion Showering yourself with the romance rose scent all day long.
Feeling the love and pampering yourself more in the alluring rose smell.

Glamorous Magnolia Unleash your luxurious and fashion sense with Glamorous Magnolia. You will be smelling as great as wearing an expensive perfume all day long.

Soothing Care Worry free for sensitive skin users who want to enjoy the softness on fabric as this variant is dermatologically tested. You can do your laundry now with your little one together to enjoy the fluffiness of fabric.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Ceriakan Hidup Anda dengan ZACT

Senyumlah dengan lebar dan swafoto, kemudian zoomkan pada gambar anda dan perhatikan gigi anda dengan teliti. Adakah anda nampak sebarang kotoran atau warna kuning pada permukaan atau di celah-celah gigi? Tekupkan tangan anda pada mulut dan hidung, hembus nafas dan hidu – adakah ianya berbau kopi atau teh?

ZACT Whitening, dengan florida mengandungi Formula Advanced Whitening dan 2 Agen Pemutih, menguatkan gigi dan membantu menghalang pembentukan kaviti. Jadi anda boleh memutihkan gigi, pada masa yang sama melindungi gigi dan menyegarkan nafas menggunakan satu produk. Ia selamat dan lembut untuk digunakan setiap hari.

Penilaian klinikal 3mengenai penggunaan ubat gigi pemutih ZACT ke atas 121 orang yang mempunyai kesan kotor yang teruk pada gigi selama 4 hingga 8 minggu menunjukkan bahawa kandungan aktif yang ada di dalam ZACT adalah cukup efektif. Ia mempunyai 2 kali lebih kuasa untuk menghilangkan kesan pada gigi selepas digunakan selama 4 hingga 8 minggu.

Teh dan kopi adalah makanan dan minuman yang mempunyai kandungan warna atau pigmen yang tinggi. Ianya boleh mengotorkan gigi dan membuatkan nafas kita berbau. Adakah kita bersedia meninggalkannya? Cuba bayangkan pagi anda tanpa kopi yang menyegarkan atau petang anda tanpa aroma teh yang menenangkan.

Bolehkah anda ceriakan hidup anda dengan senyuman yang menawan dan nafas yang segar?

ZACT merupakan salah satu ubat gigi pemutih dan penghapus kesan kotoran pada gigi yang paling terkemuka ditawarkan oleh Lion Japan, syarikat penjagaan oral No. 11 di Jepun yang berpengalaman selama 127 tahun dalam pembangunan dan inovasi penjagaan oral.

ZACT Whitening, ujian di bawah persekitaran makmal yang terkawal terbukti memiliki kuasa memutih 2 kali lebih baik berbanding ubat gigi biasa yang tidak mempunyai agen pemutih. Ia juga mempunyai 60 peratus kuasa menghilangkan kesan kotoran yang lebih berkesan berbanding ubat gigi pemutih biasa. 

Rasanya yang sejuk dan berpudina menyegarkan nafas serta membantu mengurangkan bau nafas kopi dan teh yang kurang menyenangkan.

Kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia merupakan penggemar kopi dan teh tegar yang sukar untuk meghilangkan keinginan menikmati minuman tersebut. Namun, senyuman yang menarik juga penting bagi keterampilan diri yang lebih yakin.

Harga dan kebolehdapatan ZACT Whitening boleh didapati di pasaraya besar, supermarket dan farmasi pada harga RM5.85 untuk 90g dan RM7.75 bagi 150g. maklumat lanjut, sila layari laman web:

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