Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Movie Review: Last Summer {Thai} 2013

I love to watch horror movie and happy that my dear can accompany me to watch Last Summer {Thai} 2013. The dead never rest, the guilty never escape!

We enjoy watching this movie, the guy sitting next to him is more scare to watch this movie. He got shocked and started covering his eyes! If you like to watch ghost movie, you will enjoy this movie.

About a high school student, two of the gals are best friends named Joy and Meen. Two boys and two girls go on vacation to one of the boy's vacation home. One of the girls died when she was attack by asthma, another girl didn't help her even though her hand has the inhaler.

Singh tried to get rid of the body, even though he loves her very much but he knows he has a bright future. He told his friends life goes on, you cannot bring back the dead. The dead spirit came haunt them.

About this movie, there's a lesson to learn for parents, don't push your children too hard!

Thanks to KLIPS for opportunity to watch this movie.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

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