Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's Monday

Wow, tell me how time fly. Its already Monday and tomorrow is April Fool. This is life right, we have to go through it everyday and whether you like it or not you have to go work. If we don't work there would be no money to pay the bill or buy food.

Weekend time is just too short! I asked someone about how about 36 hours a day? They say "No" its would be more tired for them and you won't have the money to go shopping. Every time going out to shopping mall you have to pay for it. If you are going shopping, you would be feeling hungry and you'll eat. Food in shopping mall is not cheap. Worst is that you have to queue for it.

How to have the best nanny

I am sure this is in everyone's mind specially those with baby and kids to take care. I have friends that having problem with nanny. Firstly I like to inform you that this is one of the All-Time Favourite Tips. Sound familar? Well, I have once again joined the contest of EntreCredits for quoting posts .

Most friends I know they would find nanny from the agency but what they are not doing is checking out the nanny's background and interview with them. They thought that the agency will give them the nanny they want but it's not all true. But luckily they can return the nanny and exchange another one as they are not satisfied with her. Worry no more, now they can know how to have the best nanny with guideline provided at the blog.

Do you know?

Beside blogging now I am also going here and there to drop my EntreCard. Is so fun and enjoying to view so many different blogger and different sites.

Oh yeah I just noticed that if I have entered wrongly the email address. I couldn't login to EntreCard. Well, this is a reminder for everyone including myself. Remembered on your email address whether the letter are capital letter or small letter. It matters!


Have you heard of it or know about this blog? GIVEAWAY CITY is just a blog that I am going to follow up with. There's information about the happening blog contests and giveaway. I have the chance of winning the EntreCard credits. I am thinking of how I am going to spend the credits.

When comes to contests, I am sure there's a lot blog you and me can check out. There's nothing wrong with checking out GIVEAWAY CITY as well.


Wow, so many houses is under renovation lately. I just don't understand how they can get so much money for renovation. What kind of business are they doing? Is it legal or not?

The neighbourhood is kind of boring as neighbours doesn't want to talk much. Some neighbours can buy another house in the neighbourhood! In my mind, they must be really rich. It's not easy to be having more than a house. Think of what happened if you can't get your rental. What if they never pay the bills.

I have heard some story like they just run off middle of the night.


This is my blog and if you are interested to contact me. You can also email me.

Miablog4me at yahoo dot com

Saturday, March 29, 2008

EntreCredits for quoting posts

Do you know what this is about? If you don't know. You can check on how to get EntreCredits for quoting posts . I am going to participate in this contest. From All-Time Favorite Tips, I found one which is interesting and very true which everyone will find it useful. How to avoid money from destroying your marriage , have anyone read about that?

Money is a sensitive issue, its not only can destroy marriage but as well as family and friendship. Money is important for everyone to put food on the table but there's more meaningful things than money. On top of everything you can read on how to avoid money from destroying your marriage. I like to add is that time, you have to spend time with your spouse. I love the tip of lay down all the assets and liabilities. This is what a couple should do, open up to one another. No secrets. This is a great blog to find out about successful marriage tips.

50 EntreCard credits

I am so happy to share with you that I have 50 EntreCard credits. Well, if you have read my earlier post, you would know about EntreCard Widget Surf . You may want to check out there how you can get 50EC. I have got mine and I am sure you'll get yours as well.

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Friday, March 28, 2008

I love EntreCard

By now, I think still a lot people didn't know about EntreCard. I have just joined the EntreCard a few days ago and you can see that my traffic is growing. This is more fun than anything else that I am doing. Meeting and knowing new people and sites which I have not explore.

I have always wanted to increase my blog traffic and thinking and finding out way. Well, there's no better way then using the EntreCard. You can not only get to know people and their site. There's one site that I am love and its one of my favourites that's EntreCard WidgetSurf . Why? Just check out how attractive the logo is Blog & Win 5000 EC . Who can resists that? Now you know about it I am sure you will hurry up check out how to Blog & Win 5000 EC .

If you have an EntreCard, just drop one at my EntreCard at the right bar of this blog.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Funny Logo

Wow, I was checking out some blogs and I found this interesting one to share with you. How about funny logo for yourself? Its really nice, you can choose the style and colour there. Make it unique and beautiful.

I like to make one to put on my header but I don't know to do that. Anyone care to tell me how to do it? Show me the way...

Anyway, you can go ahead and try this out. Then if you don't mind share with me later on. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Slow connection

Lately I find that internet connection is slow. How about yours? What kind of internet connection are you using?

I heard of Maxis broadband but I have been told that its very expensive. Nevermind, I'll just stick to my current one.

Some sites are down too. Here I am blogging then somethings come up again. I have to leave now. Will blog again when I am free.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The sound of thunder

I don't like saying this but I guess its just bad timing for me to online. I am hearing sound of thunder and it's going to be rain soon. It's has been rainy season now, some people asked me why. I would say its QingMing festival. Have you heard of it before?

Well, I don't want to make this an excuse for not blogging. That's why I am typing very fast and going to post it up. Before anything else happen.

On the other hand, I am just checking Kingwood Inn in Kuching. I looked into the website and searched. Just thinking about visiting old friends in Kuching, Sarawak. It's East Malaysia! It has been like 10 years I haven't go back for a visit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Halle Berry is a mom

Remembered the movie Cat Woman? Well, Halle Berry is a mom now and what's her baby girl name? Nahla Ariela Aubry.

You can also read here , I think aged is not a problem as I have an aunt that married her hubby who is 12 years older than her.

Most important is that they have shared the happiness, love and you know it.

Business directory

Whether you are starting a business or looking out for a business or finding business advice. Do you know where you can find them? Its Internet access today that will help you. Have you check out Travel & Transportation ? You can find best deal of travel & transportation industry what I like is that you can browse by location.

Shopping & Services is one that you shouldn't be missing out. Looking for shopping and services surely be an easy way on internet. If you are starting a business, you can easily list them on online yellow pages. Here is a Business Services which available at the site.

Moment everyone waiting for

Abdullah to announce Cabinet today, have you read about it? If not you could click here to find out.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

How sad

Lately someone was telling me that a mom has been forcing her son to go for studying higher level. Well, please give him a break, the kid is only 4 year old and his mom put him in 5 year old class.

The mom keeps telling everyone that her son is smart and intelligent. I don't think any mom should force children to do what they don't like to do. Of course parents would want the best for them. But pushing and forcing them will just make it worst.

As I know the mom has removed her kid from the class and go to another centre.

Friday, March 7, 2008

You can't pleased everyone

I am sure you have heard this a million times. This is something I learn and you must know that you can't pleased everyone. People would think that you are being silly listening to everything that they said. You have mind of your own, I am sure you can worked things out.

Don't just take their words for it, a friend of mine didn't realise that he has been trick and ended up losing his job. He has been understanding and listening to his colleague, well what can I say human is selfish.

I love shopping

I think everyone love shopping not just woman but man too. It's time to spend money and usually where do you plan to spend them. I prefer shopping online as I can access Internet from anywhere without going to the mall to queue up and pay. Say have anyone heard of blackfriday ? I didn't know about it until I found it.

Do you know that you can save time and money going to the mall to buy during Christmas or any time at all. Do you know that Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. When comes to last minute of shopping you can think of Black Friday, its easy to remember the name.

I am checking out Toys R Us Black Friday deals for this year. Children love to go Toys R Us and I am sure this site will help my friends to buy toys for their loved ones. There's one easy to get to know the updated ads, simply fill in the email address and select "Go". You'll be email alerts from them informing you the latest ads.

It's really fun shopping for loved ones and I am thinking how they will react getting the gifts. Of course you need to buy them with an open heart. I know that money isn't everything but its worth sometimes buying gifts for them showing them how much you appreciate them and how much you love them.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Children see, Children do!

Have you heard this before? I didn't think of this before. My friend emailed me a clip to see. Well, I must say that this is really happening. Children see every move you do and they would copy the same.

Just like your son watching you typing computer, he would do the same too. Its best to start showing them the positive way of doing things. Don't shout, don't yell when talking! They will do the same trusts me!

Influence them with positive attitudes.

Daily mail

I love this Daily Mail UK, I like to find out about the celebrity and news. This is one place that I going to be going back more often to see and to read.

There's alot celebrity that I like to know about and love to find out about what's happening and all.

How about you?

Please comment

Here what I didn't like is that nobody comments on my blog. Well, maybe they have nothing to say or maybe they are just bored. Some just hopping by perhaps.

A great blog to share with you about why nobody is commenting on your blog. You could check them out as there are 10 reasons!

Sometimes I do hopping by blog and feeling that really nothing to say. Sometimes I just didn't feel like leaving comment specially its late and I am tired. I just come by to see thats all. I know not even a hello in comment. Why bother? As I don't think it matters. Well, some people do take things seriously.

Drive traffic to your blog!

I just found a site to share with you where you can drive traffic to your blog. I am sure this is what you want too. I know I want it. You can sign up for free at . Then register your favourite photo, songs, or posts. It's really easy, you create and they spread the words. Why paid when you can get it for free! Find out now on how you can win $180 premium accs!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday to SLY

My best friend is having her birthday this Sunday I can't wait to tell her this. Happy Birthday and don't forget about me.

Enjoy yourself and may your wish comes true.

SLY has been my best friend since we met each other in Secondary School. We are best friend then and now, nothing can separate us apart.

Keeping in touch is important, even though she is far away. She is always in my mind. We keep in touch by SMS or Email.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sites can't be access

I am sure some people can't access these sites. They are really busy sites and I don't think you would want to go there. Friends telling me about it like BCUK, Blogster sites and even Xanga too.

The whole world is blogging, surely everyone wants to access the sites. Even Hotmail sometimes you can't access as well.

No, I am not kidding this is really happening I hope they will solve the problems so blogger can enjoy their blogging.

By the way, I know that PR yesterday result out. Is your PR up? Well, mine is still the same.

Feel free to comment :)