Sunday, December 30, 2012

Giveaway Akhir Tahun 2012 dan Awal Tahun 2013 by Honey Yeo

I love giveaway and happy to take part this giveaway, you may click above banner to join.

Giveaway open to blogger with address in Malaysia.

I have happy moments in year 2012, it would be getting to know bloggers in person. Yeah I have attended the LG party and I befriend with Sanny, she is friendly and happy go lucky girl! I am glad to know a friend/blogger like her. :D

I wish 2013, a year where I can earn some income to help my family because I am stay at home mom of two boys.

I find honey yeo blog so cute and easy to browse. I like her design of blog and her pictures in blog. Yeah you can know more of her by check out her blog. :D

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Friday, December 21, 2012

Life of Pi movie passes giveaway

It is exciting to see Pi and a tiger named Richard Parker on the boat, how can they survive from the ship wreck? It is sad to his family members, died on the ship and he unable to save them. The ship sink deep into the sea.

Now your chance to grab Life of Pi movie passes which you can watch the movie while the movie still in the cinema! I last watched the movie with my boy at MBO, Subang Parade the last show was there but I know GSC Cinema in Midvalley and others still available to watch you just need to check the listing.

I hope you will take this chance to bring your loved one to watch the movie, it is worth to watch. Click on above link to find out how to win the movie passes of Life of Pi.

GOod luck!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Audrey Queen of the Day photos!

I attended the Audrey Queen of the Day at Audrey outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Due to photo storage at my other blog. I decided to post rest of photos here which I have taken on the day itself. Below pictures of participant explaining their creative slogran on Audrey.

I was updating my other blog and it goes boo.. because bug attacked my pc! So you can read more detail at what every gal want.

Please respect my blog and my photos, they are taken by me. If you want to take and put on your blog, please add my blog link to your blog post.

 Five participants with their creative works, I am sure you want to know who is the winners for the Grand Prize and so on.
Above is happy Grand Prize winner, he's being ask if he's happy that his mom is winner and what he wants with the winning money.
 The winners with their creative slogan in hand posting!

I am sure you like to pick yourself a piece of two lingerie for girl friends or wife. :D

Last but not least a photo of me sitting on the crown chair! Yay.. but hay I am not the winner of the Queen of the Day, I am one of the judges. :D

Christmas Giveaway come and join!!!

I love giveaway and it is time to feel the Christmas, yeah still few more days to go. I am sure you are excited about it, get more excited because I am holding Christmas Giveaway. Just click on the link to find out.

Talking of Christmas giveaway I have five prizes to giveaway namely preloved nail polish because I love to share my nail polish with my readers. :D

Head on to the blog to find out. :D

Off topic, today I went out and I forgot to bring along my lip balm. I didn't want to drive back home to take, so I just go ahead without any lip balm on bare lips. It is feeling kind of weird but I am used to it. I don't wear lip balm always but I find using them gives my lips moisture.

Next time I need to put one lip balm in my bag.