Sunday, August 30, 2009

Check up at local clinics

This morning went to the clinics for a check up for high blood pressure. The doctor said it is normal and there is no need to change the brand of medicine.

Having high blood pressure and I still eat everything. I do not cut down on drinks and beverage. I still eat and drink as usual. The doctor not charge me anything fees.

It is good to go local clinics if I were at the private hospital the fees will be charge and nothing is free!

I not take any medicine from him as I still having them. I have two boxes at home.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Need a new hairband

I need a new hairband as the current one which I am using is broken. I mean the string is broken so every time my hair is tied up it will fall down.

I want to have a new hair cut, but second thought I do not want my hair short as the weather is hot.

Sunday and it is 31 Aug, 2009.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rosa Mini Blog Contest

This is a fun time even though I am feeling sleeply I need to help my friend. Rosa Mini Blog Contest is here and you can take part too!


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Yeah the above prizes are waiting the lucky winners to win!

Contest ends on 25 Aug, 2009.

Friday, August 14, 2009

What cosmetics to use on contest?

I am so happy to see that my friend is sharing her cosmetics with me. I am so happy and I know that I do not have the makeup and cosmetics which I need to take part in contest.

As you can see the cosmetics above the only that belong to me is the pink eyeliner and gold eyeshadow tube.

The cosmetics belong to my friend's sister. She gave to me as she decided to do things she loves in her life. Read on about her to find out and it is big decision for her!

When think of whom can you count on? I think about people who are closed to me where I can trust them. Some people I know not really what I expected.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

H1N1 is every where

I am sure you have read the newspaper and seen news on TV. Hospital is checking on every visitor who enters the premises. The other day I follow my friend to the hospital at SJMC. Everyone will be queue to enter the premise and the staff have got a thermometer on hand to check everyone forehead.

If you have the symptom of H1N1, please go to the hospital. Love yourself and think of people surround you. I am sure they do not want to see you ill.

There is Air Asia sales on website but I am not taking any order because I have no idea when is H1N1 ends. I believe that staying home and away from crowd place is the best.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Proton Tiara always problem?!

I just love shopping and I hope I can cut it down. As the fuel is going to increase in September. Lately I shopping for cosmetics product! I like to have make up when I am going out.

The other day my car broke down and I was told that its the car battery running out. I have no idea how it my car can still use. I just hope that it can be use for another three months before chaning the battery. I am not sure how much it cost yet.

Everythimg I get the car to service centre they will be costing more than $1,000. The air conditioning not cold or cool after fixed and it cost me so much! My dad decided to help me out, I am happy he did and I am having cool air from now on.