Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Poor cranky baby

My baby cranky sometimes, he will show interest things he likes and grab hold of it. I need to take away the things from him sometimes because he will bites it. He likes to put things inside his mouth to bite due to teething.

He is wearing this brother pyjamas, he needs pacifier to sleep. We put him in sarong day and evening so he sleeps longer. We purchased good quality so it last longer and doesn't bend like some sarong. My bro's twins do not need sarong at all. I am so proud of his wife, she can manage the twins very well.

As you can see the picture I have playpen behind him so block him from going away from the place. I will see him near me and play with him. Now if you like guessing game go here to guess the clothes price.

At the moment my sister-in-law looking for grey hair product, her grey hair so long now.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sexy party dress

Who loves to go party? I have known some friends going for party and they are looking for sexy party dress. When comes to party I know you need to pick the right shape and size that fits you, so take your time to choose the party dress. My friends usually pick a few dresses and she will ask her friends to view the dresses with her to see which is suitable for her.

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G&L Clothing for everyone

I love shopping for my loved ones; I find that online shopping is best choice for me. I found with many clothes to choose from suitable for men, women and kids. I can find safety clothing, uniforms and footwear from this online store. If you have family members that are big & tall, don't worry they have suitable clothing for them.

Some of my friends having difficult time to find suitable clothes, they can try this online store. They provide free shipping with orders over $99, I am sure you want to know if they ship to your country. It is not too late to shop for your loved one, may it be a surprise for them.

I know some friends like to shop by brand namely Levis, Carolina, LaCrosse, Converse and other brand available. I like to check out their kids accessories for my kids. I am sure my brother like to visit this website to find suitable clothing for his twins. Shopping for kids are not easy task, my best friend tells me that her daughter will need to view the clothes before she can purchase. Her daughter has interest shirts and pants, she dislike dresses. Now don't just read here if you like to find clothing for your loved ones, just take a look at GandLCothing.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Mom's Best 1st Giveaway

It is wonderful time to have giveaway, if you miss out giving present to your mom. Dont you feel she deserves some goodies? Why not try your luck in My Mom's Best 1st Giveaway.

You could share your Prize with your mom or your sis. :D

Monday, June 11, 2012

Cat food for cats

This cat is so cute and I like its fur very soft, it is not belong to me. I saw this cat at the nursing home where my mom living. This cat is take care by the owner of the nursing home.

I saw many cats at the park and some people feeding the cats, I was told that they feed the cats because it helps to catch the rats in the area. This is good, I don't have cat at home. I sure need a cat to catch the rat that is coming in my kitchen almost every night.

I used to have cats it all started with just one black cat, then the black cat got pregnant and have many babies.