Thursday, May 21, 2009

Customize your jewelry

I got to know that I need to find customize jewelry and do you know where to find them? I know that using Internet will be the best tool. Which is free and easy to access from where you are. I know that I cannot use internet at outdoor because my lappy does not have the access for it.

Glad to tell you that I have got my lappy from Computer Fair, I know that I bought it because I need it for the work I love to do.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to match top and skirt?

My friend is having problem to mix and match the top and skirt. I do not know how to say this but later I will accompany her to the nearest shopping mall. I hope she is able to find the skirt that she can mix and match with her top.

I think it is not easy to mix and match with the top and skirt. I know some Malaysians having a terrible taste in mix and match their clothing. No kidding as I have seen most in the shopping mall and they have got it all wrong. Well some people might think that who cares!

It is not about who cares but it is about yourself and how you want other people to look at you. I might be wrong, I am just sharing my thought with you. Personally I am not very good in mix and match my clothing too.

Shoes are important too, people will look at you from head to toe!

Unisex Baby Bedding

I am sure if you are a new parent you will be looking for baby bedding. Some parents have no idea whether they are having a baby boy or a baby girl. That is not a problem at all because there is Unisex Baby Bedding available. Shopping using Internet is so convenient and you can go ahead to to see the 75% Sale of 12 piece baby crib bedding sets.

Baby Bedding is important because they are specialising for baby to use. I am sure parents will like to see their baby having a good sleep at night. Unisex Baby Bedding is so cute and whether you are having a baby girl or baby boy, this bedding is perfect.

I see that many Malaysian started shopping online and I will tell my friends about this site. I know everyone will have a style of their own, it can be modern or classic style. Even though it is recession but do not forget there are sales on baby bedding sets where you can save at the same time.

Some friends are particular about the quality and material, I am sure they do not know that their products are 100% handmade and hand made in Nepal.

Can hubby helped blogging?

I like to know what do you think about this? I have seen blogs where hubby will helped wife to blog. I know that most people now having at least one blog. Some bloggers are using their blogs to make money online. So those make money online blogs they are having their hubby to help blogging.

I love blogging myself and I think it is good to see that hubby is able to help wife to blog. But do you think that it is allowed? Well, I know blogging can be personal but they are husband and wife so they are sharing everything, their thoughts and their money.

How do you feel if you come by a blog where husband is the one blogging and not the wife? I do not mean all the posts but some posts are blogged by their hubby. Please share your view with me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Proton Exora

I have plan on buying Proton Exora and I am thinking sell off my car. I was told that the value of my seven years car is $30K. I will need to loan money to buy Proton Exora. So far I have seen black and white Proton Exora on the road.

My planning to pay off the loan in five years! I need to go test drive the car. Someone told me that if you buy the car from the certain centre you need to go back there to service the car. Is that true? I thought all service centres you can take it to go for service.

unHappy Mother's Day

My mom is not happy today and it is sad to see her that way. I cannot do anything because she does not want anyone to help at all. My dad is trying his best to care for her and she is not interested at all.

That leaves him no choice but to put her there. She is far away from us and I am hoping that dad will takes her out again.

Tell me if you have a good Mother's Day.