Thursday, April 20, 2017

Antabax Steps Up As Main Sponsor of the Breast Cancer Welfare Association Bowling Carnival 2017

Ms Mandy Lee, Senior Brand Manager, Household and Personal Care Department, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd (centre) with the members of Breast Cancer Welfare Society (BCWA) ready for the the Bowling Carnival 2017 this coming April 30, 2017.

Antabax, the number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range[1] is the main sponsor of the Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) Bowling Carnival 2017 which will be held on April 30, 2017 at Sunway Megalanes, Petaling Jaya.
The brand will contribute RM12,000 in cash and prizes to encourage more cancer survivors to return to an active lifestyle, through the friendly competition and camaraderie of bowling.
The sponsorship is a collaboration with the BCWA and event organiser, SportsUnite. A total of 144 breast cancer survivors, family members and friends are expected to participate in the event.
In celebration of strong breast cancer survivors, Antabax, is joining the movement to raise breast cancer awareness amongst women and men, to highlight that there is life after the disease. In line with its ‘Cergas Bersama Antabax’ tagline, the brand aims to promote active, healthy and hygienic lifestyle amongst the public.
According to Ms Mandy Lee, Senior Brand Manager, Household and Personal Care Department, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Antabax advocates an active, healthy and hygienic lifestyle for all. The brand recognises that breast cancer survivors and their families have faced significant challenges, needing avenues and encouragement to return to a full and active life.
“It is truly inspiring to see cancer survivors returning to activities that they enjoy. These women and men are survivors who are an inspiration to all of us. Antabax is delighted to be the main sponsor of the BCWA Bowling Carnival 2017, and to see them embrace active lifestyles again,” said Ms Lee.

Antabax Fresh variant shower range and the Antabax sanitizing range, which gives you 24-hour protection from 99.9% of germs and bacteria on-the-go!

The top 10 teams and two players with the most pin drops will be awarded with medals and exciting prizes prepared for them by Antabax.
Antabax is a trusted household and personal care brand that is recognized and acknowledged among consumers for its wide range of antibacterial products which cleans and removes 99.9% of germs for 24-hours antibacterial protection. 
The BCWA Bowling Carnival is in its 5th consecutive year and has become a highlight of many breast cancer survivors’ calendar as it brings survivors, their families and friends, together. Increasingly it is being used as an avenue to raise awareness on early testing for cancer, and a support network for survivors of breast cancer.
Show your support towards the BCWA’s Community Outreach Team by purchasing BCWA’s Pink Ribbon merchandise at the carnival, where you can also find out more about breast cancer awareness, early detection and medical treatment. For more information, please contact event coordinator, Chang Chu San at 014-3251763.

About Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd
Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn. Bhd. (Lam Soon) has been an established manufacturer of edible foods, household and personal care products in Malaysia since the 1950s. In the household and personal care category, their selection of quality products include May personal care range, Fruitale FairWhite UV soap, shower and olive oil range, Antabax antibacterial soap, hand sanitizer, medicated powder and cleansing wipes, Orchid feminine wash range, ZIP homecare product range of dishwashing liquid, floor cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, powder and cream cleanser, Labour dishwashing liquid and paste, and Bio-home multipurpose cleanser and dishwashing liquid range.
As a renowned and trusted household brand among consumers, Lam Soon is dedicated to producing quality products for a healthier lifestyle and cleaner homes.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Irresistable deals and packages available for entire family, the Lost World Of Tambun, Malaysia’s premiere action and adventure family holiday destination invites its visitors to “cool off” this April with irresistible nippy offers.

For starters, the theme park, which offers a wholesome family experience behind majestic walls with a host of activities including amusement park rides to eco-adventure spills and thrills, has slashed its entrance fees for the entire month.

Through online purchasing, Malaysian adults can now experience this exciting destination for only RM58.50 while Malaysian children below 13 years of age and senior citizens can enter the theme park for RM52.20. Meanwhile, international travellers will also enjoy a special rate of RM81 for adults and RM74.70 for children and senior citizens.

To sweeten the deal, visitors who book their tickets online will enjoy a complimentary ice-cream at the park to help them cool off while enjoying the park’s offerings.

Visitors can also stretch their money even further with exclusive package deals when staying at Lost World Hotel Exotic Room for just RM300 or RM350 at the Classical Room at the Lost World Hotel. This package includes a 2D/1N accommodation with breakfast for two, as well as two adult entrance tickets to Lost World Of Tambun, two adult entrance tickets for Lost World Hot Springs and Spa by night and complimentary ice cream.

This offer is available for booking until 28 April 2017 for travel until 25 May 2017.
In addition to enjoying these limited-time offers, visitors will be able to enjoy a myriad of activities and exciting programmes specially curated by the park. These include pool parties at Jungle Wave Bay; Flaming Percussions, entertaining show featuring fire breathers accompanied by percussionists; Malayana Story, a captivating dance by Malayana Warriors;Tiger and Friends, an enthralling show featuring the tigers at the theme park and a few other of their friends.

Kids will especially love feeding shows throughout the day where theme-park staff feed a host of animals which call the park home including tapirs, raccoons, porcupines, tortoises, tigers, serval cats and other wild animals.

“There is truly something for everyone in the family, and we are extending this exciting promotional offer to give more families the chance to witness Lost World Of Tambun, one of Malaysia’s hidden treasures in Malaysia’s most historic city, rich with culture and heritage. In fact, we’re more than a theme park. We’re a destination – one truly not to be missed,” said Calvin Ho, Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks.

For more information on April Cool, log on to the website at or its
Facebook page at or by calling the park at +605 542 8888.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Anne Hathaway Shares First Photo Of Her Baby Boy

He is SO adorbs! Nearly one year after giving birth, we are finally getting a glimpse of Anne Hathaway's baby boy, Jonathan. The actress, 34, posted a pic to Instagram last week of her eleven month old watching a video of her giving a speech on paid parental leave at the U.N.  “JRS watching Mommy give her speech at the UN yesterday #forourboys #forourgirls #forthefuture #loveislove #parentsareparents #paidparental #iwd #ppl @unwomen," she captioned the sweet snapshot.

While we couldn't quite see his face, as Jonathan's face was turned away from the camera, we got a good look at his dark brown hair, tiny little hands, and adorable lion jammies. He is such a cutie, and we were really excited to see a shot of him, since Anne has been extremely private since his birth, and hasn't shared a single photo of him. Anne, who has been married to hubby Adam Shulman since 2012, gave birth to Jonathan in March 2016, and has been very outspoken about paid parental leave ever since. She has also spoken out about her postbaby body and how great she feels since having a baby. She says giving birth to baby Johnny has given her ultimate confidence, and we can't help but love that!

Friday, March 10, 2017

TOP Launches Revolutionary TOP Micro-Clean Tech with Anti-Sebum Range

 It isn't clean, until it’s Micro-Clean! (From left) Ms Carmen Foo, Senior Marketing Manager, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Ms Annette Ling, Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, and Mr. Naoyuki Egawa, R&D and Factory Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd

TOP is revolutionizing the Malaysian detergent industry with the introduction of its new breakthrough Micro-Clean Tech™ technology. Taglined ‘It’s not clean until It’s Micro-Clean’, the brand is encouraging consumers to attain next level, micro-cleaned laundry using its Anti-Sebum detergent technology.

TOP Micro-Clean Tech, is an advanced formula developed by Lion Corp Japan.   It has been efficiently cleaning common everyday visible stains and dirt since it was launched. However besides visible stains its Research & Development innovation has also included tackling the invisible stains and dirt that is not evident to our eyes but plays havoc with our desire to have hygienically clean clothes.    

Today TOP takes on a NEW tough challenge, the invisible stains that leave visible impact on our clothing caused by ‘Sebum or Body oils’ that’s naturally secreted by our body everyday especially in our hot humid weather.

At the introduction of TOP Micro-Clean Tech™ range, and the launch of the Pass It On community campaign. (From left) Mr. Robin Loh, Sales Director, Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd, Ms Pua Poi Tuan, Senior Merchandiser Manager, AEON Co (M) Berhad, Ms Christina Yong, Marketing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Ms Annette Ling, Dr. Waitchalla Suppiah, Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Mr. Edward Liew, Deputy Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Ms Carmen Foo, Mr. Naoyuki Egawa and Mr. Tatsuya Horiuchi, Incoming Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd.

This sebum often gets trapped deep in the fabric core that ordinary detergent does not remove well causing white clothes to turn yellowish and even coloured clothes to look dull. The trapped sebum is also a nutrient source for bacteria, which can result in unpleasant odour even in clothes that has been washed.  Especially seen in clothes that are worn in outdoor activities.
The result is cleaner laundry for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

The TOP Micro-Clean Tech with Anti-Sebum range includes all the functionality that TOP is famed for including its anti-malodour, anti-mite dust, antibacterial and FreshCare™ fragrance technology up to 30 days freshness after washing. 

According to Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, Senior Marketing Manager of Fabric Care Department, Ms Carmen Foo, the innovativeness of TOP Micro-Clean Tech innovation offers next level of clean, and the emotional benefit of a happier lifestyle for a better tomorrow.

As part of the launch, TOP is giving back to community through its TOP Pass It On campaign so that more people can experience the benefits of its new technology.

TOP Pass It On Community campaign takes what its breakthrough technology can do – revive, refresh and renew clothes. The campaign is based on the premise that everybody deserves Micro-Clean-ed clothes, for a cleaner, happier and healthier lifestyle.  This is where the campaign helps the communities at large.

(From left) Ms Annette Ling, Managing Director, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd, witnessing Dr. Waitchalla Suppiah, Deputy Secretary General of Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, dropping the first pre-loved clothes for the TOP Pass It On community campaign.

The TOP Pass It On Community Campaign was launched by the Deputy Secretary General, Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, Yang Berusaha Dr. Waitchalla Suppiah, at the 1Utama Mall, here, today.

She commended TOP for its efforts in enabling a platform for communities to assist and empower their members, with a strong element of environmental conservation through the emphasis on recycling, while promoting the importance of a cleaner, happier and healthier lifestyle.

The four-step Pass It On campaign will see TOP collecting and sorting pre-loved clothes given by the public, having them professionally laundered using TOP Micro-Clean Tech to refresh and revive them before having them ironed and packed. The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development will then gift the clothes to those who can benefit from them.

The TOP ‘Pass It On’ Community campaign is very much in-line with the ideals of the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development; and in-line with the way we help our constituents.  The Ministry is fully committed to adopt and implement productive welfare to break the vicious cycle of poverty by creating self-reliant people, aiding them with the equipment, machinery or seed money that they need to succeed. Now we can add pre-loved clothing to the aid we can share with them,” YBrs. Dr. Waitchalla Suppiah said.

“This is a campaign about shared memories and shared experiences. We applaud TOP for developing a meaningful and practical means of helping the ‘haves’ share with the ‘have nots’, while reducing environmental waste in the form of textiles and clothing that are still usable that end up in landfills.   A ringgit value cannot be attached to such a contribution because it is emotional and psychological, helping to rebuild self-esteem, and gift people with the outfits that can help them realise their potential.  TOP has put in place a sustainable program that involves communities nationwide in helping those who have the least. I am encouraged that programs like TOP Pass It On takes a 360 degrees approach through its private-public-people collaborations.” YBrs. Dr. Waitchalla Suppiah further elaborated.

“So much of our clothing is unused and wasted as our tastes, personal style and our bodies change. TOP Micro-Clean Tech can revive and refresh such pre-loved clothing before it is passed on to others. The TOP Pass it On Community campaign is our platform to help communities support their members by enabling them to share their pre-loved clothing, that we will launder with TOP Micro-Clean Tech, before collaborating with the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development to gift them to those under the Ministry’s care,” Ms Foo said.

To close the cycle, communities and individuals are encouraged to share their experience with at They can also find out more about the campaign and its locations.

“The TOP Micro-Clean Tech Pass It On community campaign takes what our breakthrough technology can do – revive, refresh and renew clothes, and applies it to a bigger issue of supporting and empowering communities with micro-cleaned pre-loved clothing that is suitable for their daily and special occasion needs.” Ms Foo added.

TOP Micro-Clean Tech with anti-sebum technology is available at retailers, nationwide.

To find out more please visit or call customer care line at 1800-88-0133.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hada Labo Beauty Workshop with Liu Yen and Xiao Kai

 Both the beauty experts from Taiwan demonstrated and shared the beauty tips with you at the workshop
Hada Labo Beauty Workshop with Liu Yen and Xiao Kai.
It was last Saturday, the Hada Labo Beauty Workshop with Liu Yen and Xiao Kai held at Old Wing, 1 Utama. The event has brings many attentions to shoppers and beauty lovers.
Just look at the crowded at the concourse of Old Wing, 1 Utama. Everyone is excited to listen the skincare tips by Liu Yen and Xiao Kai.
Don't be lazy of taking care of skin, we have only one skin. Important to care for skin from young, it can be as young as during teenage years.
Hada Labo Beauty Workshop with Liu Yen and Xiao Kai, they are the beauty guru from Taiwan, they shares the goodness of using the HADA LABO Hydrating Lotion 170ml  and HADA LABO Hydrating Lotion (Light) 170ml .
Liu Yen how to use the Hada Labo product on Choy Peng a blogger.

Hada Labo Beauty Workshop with Liu Yen and Xiao Kai, they also have Q&A sessions for the public.
Before that with two volunteers on stage, Choy Peng blogger and another guy. It shows that both have great difference after using the products.
Beauty guru Xiao Kai has shows the way on how guy also can use the products.

One of the tips by Beauty guru Xiao Kai has use some cotton pads to pour the Hada Labo lotion on it and leave it on the model's face. It's significant to see difference on his, before and after using the products. At the workshop, a volunteer has comes to stage to feel and touch both of them who had tried the products on the stage.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Bifesta Water-based Makeup Remover

First I like to thank 100comments for sending me this product for review. This is Bifesta Water-based makeup remover, it is suitable for normal and dry skin. This is a 3 in 1 beauty benefits: removes makeup, tones and moisturizes in just one step without (rinsing).

It contains of adsorptive Hyaluronic Acid.
  • 100% Oil Free
  • Colorant Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Hypoallergenic formulation
My first time to come to know of this brand. With just three cotton pads, it has completely remove the makeup foundation from my face. Instead of three pumps on each cotton pad, I find that with just two pumps are enough for each cotton pad. However I find my skin sticky after that, so I need to wash my face.

Above you can see the three cotton pads, which contains of makeup foundation that I used for today makeup. Usually after using the makeup remover, I prefer to wash my face with cleansing foam. How about you?