Friday, February 13, 2009

No Valentine's Day

I am sure everyone is ready for this coming Valentine's Day. It is just a few minute away. I know as for you it will be a few hours away. I could be wrong though. I am trying to save up money as much as possible. There is good time and bad time.

The bed that I bought I have not settle all the payment yet. I know the credit card centre will be coming after me. I know I am not good in handling financial. That is why I am browsing on the Internet for help. I need help in get rid of bad debt. I know the debt is mounting and I must take action soon before it is too late.

I found the collection agency . I know there must be way to resolving the debt. I want to have a debt free life. I know I need to take control of my life and savings. Money is one sensitive matter and it can caused carass in relationship.

I know I need to learn use money wisely and less counting on using the credit cards. I know I am not alone, many of my friends are having same situation as me. They want to be debt free but they do not know how.

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