Tuesday, April 14, 2015

RM40 fuel once a week

I am transporters to my two children, both studying in different section of town. No kidding as kindergarten in another section then his bro primary school in another section. Being transporters to my kids, I save lot money because transporter here charge RM120 per way per child and they ask you pay for DEC as well though they know DEC is school holiday.

So if there's invite for events I need to see my schedule and place. If it's too far I didn't go for it because not convenient for me. The time and place are important and depend what kind of events too. Once a week I pump RM40 to my car. Its not pump full at all. I always waited left one box to pump fuel my car.

Today with my friend headed to Gamuda Walk, Kota Kemuning for event. It's good to have my friend accompany me, not only we can chat in the car and going event together but she also helped to see waze.

We also come back together, as her place is far from me, she needs to wait bus to go LRT Kelana Jaya to back KL.

My son has extra class on Thursday so its sad if events happened on this day, I need to reject. :(