Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pizza hut delivery

I love pizza and just order on the phone because online cannot do it at all. Since I am using the code which I found on the Astro Magazine. You can see it on your October issue, I saw it is going to expire on 15 Nov, 2009. Just a few days away so better make your order now!

You will see online order that MYR$33 for the three regular viva pizza do not have the free two garlic bread. I love the garlic bread, so I am sure just another half hour I can get the pizza.

The amount which I need to pay is MYR$36.65 even though stated it is MYR$33 at the voucher. So need to present the voucher and correct amount to them. The last time the pizza delivery man came, he wants my aquarium but he never come to pick it up.

So I have order are chicken, seafood, and veggie pizza!

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