Friday, September 6, 2019

Love to dine and wanna win free meal too!

Happy Friday to all readers and followers and visitors of my blog. It's September, UPSR is happening this two weeks. good luck to all participants. Don't worry and as long you try your best in the exam. My son too had the UPSR exam last year, he was worry too and this year he is Form 1. He didn't go remove class as he manage to pass BM papers.

Talking of exam, he also love time out and have entertainment and food too. Important to give kids  break and have a bonding time, sometimes we have movie together and dinner at mall. Talking of food, sharing with you that you can win free meal for a year, no kidding just check out the link for more details. Simple and easy to take part, if you able to collect stamps and many yummy food are waiting for you. My friends who love contest and food usually like to share these with their friends and colleagues, so they go together and dine. Just click on above link to find out how to win.