Sunday, September 23, 2012

Love my first bride polymer clay made by me

I have fun at the workshop with my son, he enjoy making the animals while I making the bride. The teacher let me choose any dolly to make and I decided to make this beautiful bride. My bride with red roses and I don't make veil for hair, so I put two roses on hair.

I cannot believe that this picture won me a Prize. An Enchanteur 250ml Enchanteur Beautiful MoistureSilk Perfumed Body Lotion. I love Enchanteur product and happy to say that I am the 10th submission winner for the "What is "beautiful" to you?" One person only allow to submit a picture and my decision is submit this picture of me with the bride! My first bride handmade polymer clay bride. :D

I love contest and try my luck to join, some contests I won never get the prize at all. Sad some people just not honest with their contest held in their blog!

Do you love contest? If yes have a look at the following blogs for contest.

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It is take part in contest, you just need to have a blog to take part! I have friends asking me how to start a blog, well hard to teach them if they don't have Internet and don't have interest to blog. I have seen somewhere that if you learn blogging you need pay hundred ringgit for it!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Bully at the beach

The Guadian charity walkathon is meaning for us, it is our first walk. I cannot believe some parents neglected their job being parents, they left the kids to play on their own at beach. Two kids younger than my son, they are steal my son's sands while he was the only one that gather the sands at beach to make sand castle. My dear was sitting far away with his ears in the ear phone, he didn't know son was bully at beach.

I saw the kids come over again wanted to take my son's sands I told them right away to go make their own. The kids a boy and a girl, I believe they are siblings nobody watching them. My eyes are on my son, being parent we are responsible to take care of our kids. Even though my son looks like a big boy but he is easily bully. I don't understand why he just keep quiet of it. He needs to learn protect himself and defense himself, you know I am not always there for him like in school or class.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Watch movie 2012

Oh yeah I think boys will love this movie so much, I can hear my dear laughing so much in the cinema. LOL! I can't help it I laugh too, there are so much words that I cannot describe you got to see it for yourself. Frankly I think this movie for people who's good in English, some people may find it disturbing because of words used in the movie. Some words that I still remembered are balls, come on you got to count how many times they mention balls.

I bet you want to find out whose the alien among The Watch members.

Son loves play Lego

My son loves to play Lego, there goes him build a gun using the Lego so creative. His brother just want to take the Lego and throw it. Well his bro just one year old plus, there's so much he needs to learn.

He has been asking me to bring him to Legoland, I wish I can but I can't. I am stay at home mom, with two kids at home.

Living in the city, you know the cost of living. His teacher often ask for the school fees before the actual month. This month we forgot to pay a fee and teached called up to inform. Next week he has got class so will pay the fee then.

I always check on the price before purchase anything for him. He has start primary school next year, meaning time to shop for his school uniform and shoes plus a good school bag!

Not easy being parents, so much to think and provide for them. Don't forget we need to be there for them, spend time with them. Kids grow up fast, you don't want miss every moment.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Get off drugs

Just recently knowing some friends are in trouble, it is related to health. Some people are shy and don't know why to seek help. Morningside Recovery is available any time in 24 hours a day. If you know anyone with drug addiction, alcoholism, you know it they need treatment. It is not too late to help a friend or stranger who's addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Everyone deserves a second chance in life; they need to know where to get start. Life is short, cherish every moment with your loved ones. I visited the website and found it user friendly and easy to browse. I know kicking the habit is hard, you are not alone. They are qualified staff there to help you; they have got adventure program and workout program. They provide fun indoor activities and outdoor activities, they have social activities where you and other people can share your stories and find support for each other.

It is not only drug addictions they can help you with but also mental illness. They also work with mental illness such as depression, Bipoler disorder, anxiety, and many more. For more detail you may visit their website. If you don't have time to browse the website, you can call them at (866) 789-8033.