Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coutning on my family!

I am counting everything on my family because I am not walking to any place as I prefer to have people driving me to where I prefer. I am not like that all the time, I used to take bus but with the safety today I prefer to stay at home rather than going out.

My parents are always there for me and they will be there when I needed them. I know they will not be there forever. My brothers are the one which I am counting on and they are the one that I care most.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Complicated life

I am interested to take part in a contest but somehow I don't know how to say about my life. I find it complicated and still find it hard to accept. I am not good looking and I know that I need to accept the way I am.

My parents love me very much and they will try their best to give me on things I need. I am not highly educated as during school days teachers bullied me. I skipped school without telling my parents.

I don't know why I have not told my parents about how the teachers treated me. I know I am not alone as my friend also feels the same.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Car plate numbers 3388

Tell me if you think the above numbers are lucky numbers. My friend told me that this number cost a fortune. Do you know that you need to bid for the car plate numbers. I mean the numbers that you want for your car.

I am not kidding someone told me that the number will cost $400 or even more. 8 is FATT in chinese language, that mean you going to earn a fortune. 3 is San in chinese language, that mean three or live.

3388 will be live fortune?

Monday, June 15, 2009

So much makeup!

For the first time I am using so much makeup, I have so much fun and I know it is slim chance to win but I have fun.

Do you know that having make up is like giving yourself a good time? I have a good time and you will be feeling great too. Listen to the laughter and fun everyone gets to see and don't be shy!

It is first time taking part in such fun contest. I am like a kid again!

Be a Ninja!

Edit: I forgot to included what I used, which is above set of makeup! Eyeshadow are the left two rolls and right two rolls.

Steatling dumpling, it is the season of dumpling here in Malaysia. I got to have them and not just one but two! huhhuahahaa....
Look me in the eyes and tell me what you see! I used the color of gold, yellow, blue eyeshadow.
This is the awesome make up I have and I have fun too!

Be a Ninja!

I am having fun with this contest, to be a ninja! If you love cosmetics, you will like to take part in this contest the theme Be a Ninja! It is that easy and simple.

Contest ends on 1st July, 2009. You can take part too just click on the link above.

1) Lips

-sally hansen diamond lip gloss (engaging)
-sally hansen diamond lip gloss (princess)
-loreal hip lip gloss (euphoric)
-loreal hip jelly balm (ripe)
-glamabom lip treatment (japanese cosmetic)
2) Eyes

-smash box e/s palette (celebrate)
-sonia kashuk e/s palette (smoke in your eyes)
-jane e/s quad
-sally girl e/s quad (brb)
-cover girl e/s quad (coffee shop)
-sally girl glitter (purple)
3) Blush

-sonia kashuk blush (beatifying blush pink 14)
-jane bronzer (02 sunrise bronze)
-physicians formula shimmer strips (sunset strips)
4) Nail Polish

-china glaze nail polish (for audrey)
-pa nail polish (a116)
5) Others

-sonia kashuk large crease brush
-revlon runaway collection (stella)
6) Face Mask --Japanese face mask, brand is Bihada

(left to right)
-rumiko (yellow)
-saki (purple)
-sara (pink)
-no name (black)

Contest has started and why wait now, go ahead have fun and take part!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Check expiration on talcum powder

I am sure if you are using them you will also check the expiration. I have no idea if there is one but I think there is expiration on everything. Today is my friend lucky day, she got to spend the voucher on talcum powder, not just one but many of them!

If you are using talcum powder, do you see that your room is easily become dusty? This is what my friend been telling me.