Monday, March 5, 2012

Stop smoking now

The cigarette increase price but smoker still purchases them. I wanted to smoke when I have hard time with education but I never did. My friend has been started smoking due to pressure and stress in education. I know her for many years now she is now interested in stop smoking now. She started to smoke whenever she feels stress she knows of health risks and she is getting married soon. She and her boyfriend have interest to start a family and they want to have baby.

There was a sad news I remembered my mom told me, it happened to my aunt her baby passed away not long after birth. My aunt is a heavy smoker, she smokes and she also drinks alcohol during pregnancy. Both smoking and alcohol not suitable for pregnant mom, she regrets and she decided to quit smoking for health and her family, now she has two beautiful children.

I hope my brother will quit smoking, he is new parent now and the children will get secondhand smoke from him. Inhaling secondhand smoke is bad for health, my dad's friend passed away due to secondhand smoke. It is heart breaking to see the children without their father.

Stop smoking now think of your loved one.