Friday, July 27, 2012

Poor mom at nursing home

I am sad to see my mom living in nursing home for the past seven years. She refused to eat her medicine and she has temper that's why my dad decided to put her there. If she is out I fear of her safety too, she does not stay at home for long. She loves to go visit and my dad does not like at all. My mom has nine siblings and my grandma is living in old folk home. My grandma has diabetes and she no take medicine ended up blind. It is heart break seeing her like this. Being mom myself it is hurtful to see mom in this way. My mom often called me asking me to fetch her home to stay, but my dad and my dead do not agree. They worry she will not take her medicine and wonder outside. It is dangerous if she is out alone, we would fear of her safety. We cannot be 24/7 with her everyone has got things to do. I am not able to hire person to be with her and care her all time because I am just stay at home mom with no income. This Sunday will be gathering day because my bro is back from UK, she is excited to see him and thought he would bring her home to stay. Sad to say it is disappointing because they lied to her.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Ninja Joe pork burger review

My son loves this fries very much, even my dear likes it. The size of the fries different from other fries.
My first time trying Ninja Joe when he purchased for me one afternoon. This meal set gave me three to four hours of full stomach. :D
The Ninja Joe outlets available in shopping malls, I found them at Midvalley and Sunway Pyramid. :D
Look at the yummy pork burger, you just want to take a bite! I am glad my dear gave me try this yummy burger. :D

Yes we are going back this Ninja Joe to try other burger. :D