Monday, April 28, 2008

Tuition classes

Have you ever attended any tuition classes in school or college or university? I remembered I have been going for tuition classes since I was a kid up to finished my education in school. I didn't take any tuition classes for college.

These days I seen so many parents giving their children to go for such classes. A month would cost $300 tuition fees for a child. I asked some parents why they send their children to such tuition classes. They said they have to and this way the children will only get good grade in exams.

Yeah I know some subjects the teacher didn't teach at all. You have to attend the tuition classes only got to learn and know about it. Do you have any experienced to share?


SheR. said...

Singaporean parents send their children to all sort of classes and tuition in every subject. I don't see my younger generation getting any much smarter? They get hooked to computer during whatever free time they have. Wonder if that's good or bad?
Personally, I only attended tuition classes if I fail or extremely bad at any subjects. I still finished my university. So what's the big deal?

Mia Blog4me said...

Tuition in every subject, wow.. that's a lot.

Me too, I only attended tuition classes which I have bad grades in.

I think its up to parents whether they want to send children for tuition or not. If they can afford its okay, if they can't?

PR said...

Tuitions are not very important as we grow up, but when we are kids and a little dumb (:P), its ok to go to one. I used to go tuitions when I was small, mainly to pass time rather than study :D. In college I bunked almost all my tuition classes but was a good student.

Mia Blog4me said...

I think tuition all is just to get a better grade in exams but when comes to work. Experienced and on hand would be more important.

What's gonna happen if I can be top student but then lousy in work.

tuitionf2f said...

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