Monday, April 14, 2008


I am thinking about Harvey Norman, have anyone check it out? I been to one of the store in shopping mall. I know that's the best place to find bed as you can sit on and try it. One of the furniture store that I went that day wasn't my type. Why?

There's no sample of bed for you to see or sit on. How could you tell if you like it or not. I need to touch it feel it and try it out myself before I can make any decision. Furthermore this is the bed which I am going spend most of my time on.

I have an old bed, I see my other family member changing to their new bed so I followed. So sad is that the new bed I had wasn't comfortable and the bed size is smaller too. I prefer my old bed but its not longer available. Nobody make such bed any more. Now everything seems to shrink.

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Sherry said...

agree that money value getting smaller. That store haven't buy anything from them.