Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How to blog?

I am sure everyone that read a blog would know how to blog. But do you know the right way of blogging. It's common mistake that blogger have done while blogging. Do you know what that is? Found one All-Time Favourite Tips that want to share with you. Most ignored mistakes by bloggers which is clearly stated. It's fun knowing you have a blog and you can write. Copying portion of blog's post is a bad idea.

We don't want to copy from others, if you have read it you would give credit to them. I am learning everyday and I know I have mistake too. Today, not just adult like us using the internet but children too. Parents may think they children are doing fine at home but they have to always check out on them. Some sites are not mean for them and its best to avoid such sites.

This is another EntreCredits quoting posts that I am joining. It's fun to join contests and learn at the same time.

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