Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Five awful job interviewers

Have anyone read about this? The MSN Careers about Five Awful Job Interviewers ? Does anyone experienced any of these awful job interviews?

I have one job interview with non stated above. Well, I apply the job online Internet and I thought I got an offer for the job interview. Who knows you have got to go for their exams as well. I don't think its call exams its more like papers which you have to answers a lot question in it. Most of them has something to do with calculation and you are not allowed to use calculator.

A lot people attended that job interview and I think most of them like me *failed*. They said that if you passed the exam papers you'll be asked for a second interview. Second interview will have real people talking to you instead of the papers.

Whenever there's such job offering online Internet. I just knew it... that's not for me!

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