Saturday, April 5, 2008


This evening I went to Ikea and there's a lot car and luckily manage to find a parking space. I like the Sultan mattress but sadly there's no King Size bed based. They have the King Size mattress but not the bed based.

There is a chart which interest me. It will depend on your height and weight to find the most suitable mattress for yourself.

Let's see my height is 160-170cm and weight would be 60-70kg and I am most suitable to fit in medium firm mattress. The taller and heavier you are, you'll most fit in the most firm mattress.

At another furniture store, I saw my dream bed. But the cost is $19,900. Wow, I thought this is expensive but I went another furniture store and saw a bed cost $69,000. This is really expensive and there are still people buying them. I think they just know how to live life like King/Queen :). Bed is where we spend most of our time in.

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