Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Prepaid phone card

Do you have a phone? I am sure everyone have a phone at home or office. Other than that, most people will have at least one cell phone today. I have seen some people carrying three cell phone. That's weird but who knows maybe its because they using one for family, one for business purpose, one for fun. Personally, I think it's not worth having more than a cell phone if you seldom using it. Think of how much you'll need to buy and spend on phone cards.

Where do you usually buy prepaid phone card? As for me I usually have to go shops to buy and the price is just the same. Now there's easy way to buy, you can just stay where you are and go online Internet to buy. Have you try out online shopping? I know some people would think it sound not safe but most site now have Hacker Safe.

Phone cards avenue dot com is one site which you can find international phone card . I know everyone would like to find the lowest rate calling phone cards. If you know which website to look for that's great. Well, you can also check out this site for best variety of phone cards. There's one thing which attracting me now you can get 3% Cash Back on every purchase. I don't think we can find it any where else. If you are interested on the cash back reward program, go ahead check this site there's no joining fee required. No kidding.

They provide cheap international phone cards and allow customers to save 80% or more over regular long distance providers like at&t, sprint, and such. Now you and me know about how to save money and time on long distance bills.

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