Monday, April 14, 2008

Great contests at Giveaway City

Giveaway City once again is giving away 500 EC as Grand Prize for her blog contest. I like the new cool wigdet of Giveaway City, let me know if you like it too. There are 1st Prize 1oo EC as well as 2nd Prize 100 EC. It's an easy way to win , you shouldn't miss this chance.

You can also click on Giveaway City on my link list on right bar. I always hang out the blog to find contests and giveaway. This is a good blog for you and me. Sometimes I am just lazy searching for contests now there's a way.

Everyone can win if you just take a little time to check out the contests. There are so many contests I am sure you have the chance to win at least one. If I didn't win, I always look forward to win next time.