Thursday, April 3, 2008

Looking out for bed

I am checking on bed lately, as I have bad backache with the current bed. Anyone got suggestion what kind of bed to buy? I have seen the Ikea catalog, have anyone bought any bed from Ikea?

If a bed costing $7K that would be crazy and no thanks. I know a friend that change her sofa set for $7K. That's too much. I would prefer a King Size bed with budget of $5K. I hope that's enough or else I would have to keep looking and keep saving. Yeah using credit card is easy just the paying off that counts!

I would appreciate your suggestion. I don't know if the furniture shops has any good deal. I do worry about they telling me later of extra expenses.

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SheR. said...

Hiya! First time on your blog!
I've never bought any beds from Ikea. Firstly I always considered the mattress to be more essential than the beautiful bedframe that comes with it.
I would spend more on the mattress itself. Depends on what type of mattress you like, orthopedic or not. The hardness of your mattress could either give you a terrible backache or a good night's sleep. Do take this into consideration! :) Good luck!