Sunday, August 3, 2008

Night Market

Say have anyone head of "Pasar Malam" which is in Malay but in English its called Night Market. Oh yeah I thought I am wrong about it I am not as I just check out at wikipedia as well.

You can just click on link above too. I love going to Night Market specially for buying food. Have you eat "Salted Chicken" before? Well, you can imagine how salty it is as they used the paper to wrap the chicken then food it in the wok which is full of rock salt! Not rock salt that has been crunch to cover up the chicken. Yummy....

It's not cheap though, a salted chicken thigh cost $6.60.


WeblogLearner said...

Really? I have never tasted a salted chicken yet. I am trying to imagine now. Is it cooked first before dipping to salt? that thing Chinese in origin? I hope to try someday. I was not able to see it or maybe because i was unaware when i was in malaysi..

Is not the name salted chicken quite weird?

Mia Blog4me said...

oh no they don't eat it that way. Salted chicken is cooked in a wok. I mean they wrapped it with paper then put on the salted rocks and cooked it.

you was in Malaysia? Where is it? You must try if you find it in night market. Its worth to try. :)