Monday, August 11, 2008

Fish Spa in Malaysia

Oh yeah I am so happy to share this with you very sad is that I didn't bring a long my camera so I couldn't snap any good pic for you to view. I have bring along my cell phone to snap them but I couldn't upload the pic at all. Will have to ask my friends to help me out. Wait til they are free... not sure when.

Last Saturday, my friends and me went to a shopping mall. I am sure you have heard of fish spa in Malaysia. My friends and I were thrill to give it a try. Yeah the price is $38 for half an hour. One advice that I like to give you! Never go if you are feeling sicked! I wasn't well was like a bit cough and flu but I still go ahead and I ended up more sicked.

No blame the fishes I have so much fun even try to catch them. One of my friend did manage to catch one but its small fish not the big one. It's hard to tell you about how I feel but I can say that at first you don't feel you like it because all fishes surrounding your feet and some people said that these are kissing fishes. LOL

I was very scare of the big fishes, I saw them and they keep coming to my feet. My other friends was like screaming all the way... from start to end. The sales person keep telling us to do more than that, we are just interested for the fish spa. She told us about other service but it will cost up to $100. Sorry we don't have the money, we are here to give a try and not sure when we'll be back.

She saying to us that come every week to do this is good for you blood circulation. I was having one thought in mind, pocket with a big hole! $38 one time and imagine the cost for 4 times a month. I hope there will be more people that give a try on the fish spa. We have so much fun because there's only three of us at that time.

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