Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Working in Process on this Blog

Please help me out here, I just change this blog template and I lost all the contact which is listed on my blogroll. If you have added my blog to your blogroll, please let me know your blog name again so I could add them.

I still remembered some of the blogger but not all. Sorry about that, please comment in this post with your blog name and blog address.

If you like to exchange link with me, that will be great too. Let me know too.

How you like my new blog? I am still working on it and yeah this blog is different from others too. I don't see the blogger logo at all. Okay I did some changes and finally found it.

Oh I know how to add the Contact, About, Disclose, etc. For now...

How do you get rid of the orange colour date?? I really have no idea about that...

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