Thursday, August 21, 2008

Looking for car wiper

I didn't want to mention about this but my car need a new wiper. The one which is used when rain or heavy rain. It's wrecked because of the hot weather and half the wiper rubber has come out. I didn't get to the car accessories shop to buy a new one.

I think it cost $30 for one pair. I just need to buy one wiper as I am driving a Tiara. Yeah I am sure you have heard about Proton Tiara. I do worry if the car suddenly stopped on the road. This happened a few time but it was a few years back. The car just suddenly stopped by itself.

There's no other car around lucky for me. Who knows the car from behind can rammed into my car. The maintenance and service for the car is expensive too. Every time will cost more than $500. The foreman will be telling you here and there something wrong need to be change etc. Money is never enough to repair the car.

If you have friends or anyone driving Tiara tell me how they feel about the car.

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