Monday, June 2, 2008

Win EC and Free Ad at Smile my day dot com

I just found a nice contest to share with you. Your chance to win 4,000 EC and Ad Space. It's easy as now the site provide you to copy the Entrecard Contest info.

=== Begin copy Entrecard Contest Info ===

The happiest blog in the world is giving away - 4000 Entrecard points. The biggest entrecard give away on the blog. The winner will get 4000 entrecard points and free 125×125 ad space for 1 months. The winner will also possibly be featured as one of the happy blogger on the happiest blog on earth. The rules are as simple as dropping your cards and leaving your comments on the contest post at “Giving away 4000 entrecard points and free ads - Great contest begin!

Why you should join the biggest contest on the happiest blog in the world?
The happiest blog in the world is a fast growing blog with everything about smiles and help people finding happiness and be happy.

What’s the catch?
It is possible to have more than 1 winners! The happiest blog currently have 4100 entrecard points and 3 free ad space. In the next few weeks before July 15th, if they get extra 4000 entrecard points, they will have more than 8000 entrecard points. They will be able to pick the second winner.

Isn’t that wonderful?
=== End of coping Entrecard Contest Info ===

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