Thursday, June 12, 2008

My blog was quiet

I have been wonder why and wonder how my blog is so quiet. Lucky for that Summer has comment on my blog. My blog comment was not open to all.

Now I have click some changes and you could give a try on comment. Back to the chase by salesman post, I forgot to mention that I have experience on seeing salesman at restaurants. As you know during lunch time every where would be pack with people having their meal. The salesman just never leave this chance got. They would give it a shot!

What's on their hand? Tonnes of free gift showing off and telling you that they are free. With condition simply signed up for a credit card. You don't work? Never mind, they tell you that you can used your passed paid slip for sign up.


lankapo said...

they all want to cari makan like us,
just politely say no. Dont bully them hehe

hey what with your small black adsense doing at the side bar hehe

Mia Blog4me said...

I did, but still they coming back. I really don't like it, once you say No means No but they don't give up.