Monday, June 23, 2008

I won a FREE DOMAIN NAME from Blogger Jesse

Oh yeah, just now I was checking my email and there's one in junk mail. I take a look at it and it's written "Congratulatons, you have won a Free Domain Name". Thank you Blogger Jesse.

Yes, I am feeling lucky and happy too not only won a Free Domain Name I also won 1700 EC. That's not ALL, I won an ad spot 125x125 for the month of July.

If you recalled the contest entry, I did mention wrongly in post. It supposed be Him instead of Her.

Hey, you might be interested to read [Contests] So Who Won A Domain?

I haven't figure out the domain name yet, anyone got suggestion?

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Gautam said...

I'm also looking for such contests. I'm keen for a domain name.
And about domain name suggestion get

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