Monday, June 16, 2008

How to save fuel?

This is the post which I am going to talk about. If you haven't read in my travel blog . Never mind, make it short here for you to know.

  1. Pump your fuel early morning.
  2. Don't squeeze the trigger of nozzle fast mode! That's mistake which everyone do, so from now you try do it slowly.
  3. Pump only til half full tank.
  4. If you see the fuel truck is pumping petrol into storage tank, stop don't buy any fuel first.

You must be wanting to know why such a short note above. Well, you could read the rest of it just click on the link above.

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Merqury said...

Thanks for the tips. Actually, we all have learned new thing when oil price increase. This can be a positive point.

Actually, the blog income reset to zero each month. The target posted is monthly target and not accumulated.