Sunday, June 22, 2008

I went to Amway product expo

Tell me have anyone hear about Amway? Well last night I went to the Product Expo at Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. I was late and guess what everything is over by the time I reached there. Its my first time there and it's madness seeing people queue up for free food testing. No, I didn't give a try... I see such a long queue...

What I am most attracted to? There's make up and photograph taken near the Artistry counter. Well, I hear that only 80 lucky ladies get to have them. Of course there's nothing free, you have to buy almost $90 of any product. I think it's worth it as you get free hair wash, hair done and outfit for photography. You get to have a free A4 print for yourself too.

I think this would only attract female. So what's up for the guys? No idea.

Will I go again next year? Let's see about that.


Merqury said...

that is good. i like amway products but most of the time get frustrated by it's sales forces. hehehe, anyway for free hair wash and A4 photo, i will go also. dear, keep me update on the myspace testing.

TERAPI CNI said...