Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Winners result are you among of them?

Oh yeah I am so happy to share this with you and you can check out if you are one of the lucky Winners in Colourful Life Blog Anniversary Contest . I see many people won a few times too. Not bad and I didn't win any cash at all.

So exactly what have I won?

Autographed Copy of “The 5 Lessons a Millionaire Taught Me About Life and Wealth” book by Leisa Watkins => [mia]

Ten Textlinks worth $10 bid each at BYDY Link Bid Directory ($100 value) => [indocontest, Suzanne, swishersweetie, David, Pinay Jade, sigit, Mitch, mayank, mia and trafficbandit]

oh yeah, now your turn to find out about your winning.

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