Monday, July 28, 2008

Online banking sucked!

Well, I didn't think it like that until I have having problem now. As you know that I bought a bed a few months back. I using the online banking Maybank2u and earlier this July I thought that I have make the payment as I used the credit card for instalment.

The online banking Maybank2u some how didn't allow me to pay on the day I login. That's weird all this time I make payment my bills no problem now there is. So what next? I make the date changes to the second day to pay the credit card bill so its valid and everything seem to be okay. But tonight checking back again the transaction has not been made. It looks like the debit and credit same amount back. Grrr.... I really don't like account and debit and credit making me so confusing.

Worst of all now I have to pay for the late payment too. Say, I don't know if I am the only one that having problem with these online banking.

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