Friday, July 4, 2008

What do you do with your PR, do you maximise used it?

Here's a question which I have been wanting to ask. What do you do with your Page Rank? Do you maximise using?

I know my blog still sitting in the nest, but someday I am sure the egg will hatch. Just have to wait and see. So can you tell me what do you do with your PR?

And what's with Alexa? I have been reading many post everyone been talking about Alexa. Are Alexa and PR related?

Maybe I should go around reading more blogs to find out about it. At the moment I like to hear it from you. I am sure you have a good explaination too.


Anonymous said...

I've had my blog up for many years. At one point, my page rank was 5. It has slipped to 4 over the past year. However, I don't really think a lot about page rank. I'm not trying to monitize my blog, I'm more interested in just getting people to read what I write.

Alexa tracks traffic to a site. A lot of advertisers look at the Alexa rank, but it isn't all that accurate. I prefer to use QuantCast.

For a comparison of the two, and additional details, check out Exploring the Social Networks.

Mommy Ruby said...

i have been dropping at your blog lately and been wanting to answer, so here it goes: i do maximize my PR. i needed to because blogging is my bread and butter. my husband doesn't support my children, so i was left with no choice. i have to earn from it thru get paid to blog companies. before i was afraid to lose my PR but i guess, i am more afraid to have children with empty stomach.

just my 2 cents, thanks for dropping at blog too.


Pinay Mommy Online
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pandi merdeka said...

hi, nice blog.

uhmm all bloggers I think want to have a high PR, it can boost up your text link ad sale, your independent ad sale and you can also be hire for review.

I also have maximize my pr, no doubt we need extra cash for ISP bill :P

so come up crack your egg if you can't tweak it.


pandi merdeka

Merqury said...

I really don't understand on google page rank.. some said, you need to have one way link to your blog to have higher page rank. Some said, if you leave your blog sleep and just do 2 postings a month, you can earn page rank up to 5 out of 10... I don't know which one is true. But, google page rank can be revoked if you do any paid post even though you have thousands of one way links. To earn back the lost page rank is another adventure where I'm in.

About Alexa... it counts the traffic that comes to your blog. The visits to your blog counted from various channels. But, Alexa is sensitive and won't count many referring sites like Entrecard traffics. Any visits coming from Entrecard widget/site won't be calculated in Alexa ranking.

The higher Alexa rank and the higher google rank decides your blogs worth. There are many advertisers based on Alexa and Google page rank will calculate how much value to advertise on your blog. This is why, everyone struggles to get higher PR and Alexa.

Another reason is, if you have your own domain with good PR and Alexa, you can sell it at very good price to someone.


Mia Blog4me said...

hi orient lodge, thanks for advice I will check out your blog.

hi pinaymommy, yeah earning on blogging is one way to get extra money. The tough part is PR.

hi pandi merdeka, extra cash is always good to spend.

hi artniz, you have wrote a good article which I will read again soon.