Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why would anyone wanna steal my dustbin

I don't get it, it's a dustbin and its dirty, old and with a hole in the middle. Believe it or not one day I waking up and finding my dustbin is missing. Who on earth would want to steal my dustbin. Okay don't tell me they taking it for recycle, I don't buy that!

This is not common any more in the neighbourhood, if you having something new and nice people will be watching out for it. Hey now I am talking about old dustbin but still they are one that interested with it. Lucky is that I having a new one standing by. I am very caution about it.

I haven't got the time to buy a white pen to write my address on the dustbin. Yeah this is to mark that the dustbin belong to me. You find it funny? Many people are doing so right here. Unless you are building a new gate where you can lock up your dustbin. Oh yeah some neighbours have that too.

If you have better idea, share some with me.

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