Thursday, May 1, 2008

ATM card, Debit card, Credit card

Could you tell me what's the difference between them? As I know ATM is where you use it to take out money from your bank account. Debit card will be the money which you have in it, this is "your money". Credit card will be "bank money" which you borrow to spend and later on you have to pay them back with interests.

Did I explain it correctly ? Even Credit card has been categorised in a few type like Classic, Gold, Platium.

I have other cards in my purse which are the cards which you swipe to earn points. My friend's wallet is so thick and people think she carried a lot of money. But the fact is its all the cards inside not money. She doesn't have ATM card, Debit card or Credit card. Mostly are those member cards.

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